How to Fix the Most Common macOS Sonoma Issues on Your Mac

Mac users are facing various macOS Sonoma issues after the update. In this post, we will discuss some of the most common problems with macOS Sonoma and their solutions.

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Updated on Feb 08, 2024

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Every time a new OS update is launched on Apple, it brings many great features and a series of annoying issues. With the launch of the macOS Sonoma this September, Apple is set to provide its users with new features and enhancements. Many users have also been complaining of macOS Sonoma issues. So, let's see some issues and fixes in case you are also facing the same.

12 Common macOS Sonoma Issues and Fixes

Now, the macOS Sonoma problems can be anything from the update making the Mac slow to the update not showing up on the Mac itself. Check out the common issues and fixes.

Here is a fast navigation for the 12 issues.

Issue 1: MacOS Sonoma Update Not Showing Up

Apple rolled out the macOS Sonoma 14 update on September 26, and some users could not find the Update itself, or it got stuck while checking for the update. This could be due to incompatibility, server issues, or internet connection. See how to sort this out:

For Compatibility: If your device is not compatible with the macOS Sonoma, then you may not see the update. Check out the compatible devices list with Sonoma.

  1. Mac Studio 2022 and above
  2. iMac 2019 and above
  3. Mac Pro 2019 and above
  4. MacBook Air 2018 and above
  5. Mac Mini 2018 and above
  6. MacBook Pro 2018 and above
  7. Mac Pro 2017 and above

Navigate to the Apple Menu > About this Mac section to check your Mac model.

Check the device model

Server Issues: The Apple server is responsible for rolling out the macOS Sonoma update. If the server is jammed, it leads to crashing.

Go to the Apple's System Status website and check if the macOS Software Update is live.

Issue 2: macOS Sonoma Download Problems.

The download files of macOS Sonoma are large and complex considering the size. You will often see Download stuck at 0, download failed, or slow interruptions. Try the options below to fix the issue.

Check Storage: The macOS Sonoma update file is about 13 GB. Ensure you have enough space; remove unwanted files and data. Go to System Settings>General>Storage to check the storage.

Check the macOS Storage

  • Check the internet connection.
  • Status of the Apple's server.
  • Restart the Mac.
  • Reboot the Mac in safe mode.

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Issue 3: macOS Sonoma Installation Failed

Now, the macOS Sonoma is on your Mac, but the installation fails. What to do now? The answer is trying to install the update in Safe Mode. Safe Mode runs the macOS in an isolated environment from the external apps and processes. This method can help you identify the problems.

Install macOS Sonoma

The process to enter the safe mode depends on whether your Mac has an Apple silicon or Intel chip. For Apple Silicon, turn off the Mac, hold the power button to see "Loading startup options," select the main Mac Volume, and click "Continue in Safe Mode." Restart and hold the shift key for the Intel Macs to see the login window.

Try installing macOS Sonoma again in safe mode.

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Issue 4: Mac slows after upgrade to macOS Sonoma

It's a big problem whenever it happens, especially after an update. The Sonoma takes up huge space and memory to run, resulting in slowing down. While this happens very often, along with crashing or freezing, you can try a few tips to improve the speed.

To counter this, you can try running some maintenance tasks to get back to speed. The maintenance tasks include maintenance scripts, rotating logs, removing unused apps, freeing up RAM, and repairing disk permissions.

Issue 5: Wi-Fi issues with macOS Sonoma

Wi-Fi Network or connectivity issues suddenly pop up after updating to macOS Sonoma. Try this troubleshooting to get over the problems.

Check Wi-Fi issues

  • Restart your router.
  • Click on the Wi-Fi icon to turn it OFF and ON.
  • Forget the Wi-Fi network and reconnect again.
  • Follow the Wi-Fi recommendation in the menu bar.

Issue 6: Bluetooth connections

The system may forget your previous peripherals or not connect with any device altogether. Here's what you can do.

Bluetooth on macOS

  • Toggle the Bluetooth ON and OFF.
  • Restart your Mac.
  • Unable to connect to previous peripherals, remove them and reconnect.

Issue 7: macOS Sonoma battery draining

If you observe that your battery drains too quickly after the update, it could initially be due to reindexing. As this process runs in the background, the battery drains quickly.

Check battery health

If the issue persists for more than a week, then you may need to check a few aspects:

  • Activity Monitor: Identify the resource-intensive apps on this program and close them.
  • Battery health: If the battery health is degrading or it is degrading, consider fixing it.
  • Login Items: Disable unnecessary login items to save the battery.

Issue 8: Apps crashing after the update

If your apps crash on macOS Sonoma or do not give optimal performance, it could be due to incompatibility or some reason.

Check for the app updates and try downloading them. Or reinstall the apps again on Mac. If nothing works, consider using the alternatives.

Issue 9: iPhone Widgets on Mac Not Working

iPhone Widgets on Desktop is one of Sonoma's most talked about features. This feature introduces iPhone widgets on Mac, widgets fading, and widgets on the desktop. But there are some bugs in the OS casing widgets that get stuck, load slowly, quit unexpectedly, refuse to update, etc.

To rectify this, you can try re-adding the widget, restart the Mac, or enable the location service, etc.

Issue 10: macOS Sonoma Boot Bug

If you cannot boot your Mac or are stuck while booting or restarting. It's because of the Boot Bug.

cannot boot your mac

This boot issue happens sometimes due to loading startup options, but you can fix these easily:

  • Connect the charger to the Mac.
  • Shut it down and remove the external peripherals.
  • Restart the Mac in Safe Mode.
  • Log in with another account.

Issue 11: MacOS Sonoma Screensaver not Working

The Screensaver lets you set a video as your screensaver when you open it. If the macOS Screensaver is not working, don't worry; try these instead:

  • Change the Screensaver video.
  • Modify the lock screen settings.

Issue 12: Loud Fan noise after macOS Sonoma Update

Generally, the Mac fans do not generate any noise, but if it runs with a loud noise, you need to take care of it.

While doing a resource-intensive process like indexing, the fans run faster to provide airflow. Avoid heavy usage and make sure the vents are unblocked to stop the fan noise.

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easeus recexperts main interface

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There are a few more issues, but we have covered the more frequent macOS Sonoma issues the users face. The post discusses the fixes you must follow to improve your Sonoma experience. If you face video conferencing, recording screen, and audio issues, you can try a professional screen recorder like EaseUS RecExperts. Download it now, and record your Mac screen.

macOS Sonoma Issues FAQs

Here are some of the most frequent FAQs asked on macOS Sonoma bugs and problems. I hope you find these queries helpful.

1. Why are the apps not working on my Mac Sonoma?

The apps on macOS Sonoma may not be working due to software interruptions or incompatibility. In such cases, try updating the app or reinstall it altogether.

2. Should I update to macOS Sonoma?

If your Mac is compatible with macOS Sonoma, you should definitely update to the latest operating system version. The issues will happen with every OS when it's public; with time, Apple will resolve them and roll out the latest updates.

3. How do I update my Mac to Sonoma?

Step 1. Hover over the Apple Menu on the left.

Step 2. Navigate to General > Software Update.

Step 3. Check for updates and download macOS Sonoma.

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