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The Respondous LockDown Browser is an excellent live proctoring tool, but privacy concerns like does LockDown Browser record your screen due to its recording feature. In this blog, we will see a detailed discussion regarding the LockDown Browser features and what it records.

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Updated on Apr 15, 2024

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You wanted to know whether LockDown Browser records your screen or not. To restrict students from cheating or taking help from others, an abrupt increase of monitoring systems like LockDown has happened. Here is a post from Quora as follows.

"Hi, I want to know: Does the LockDown Browser record your monitor screen? Can anyone answer my question? Any help is appreciated". - From Quora

Though they provide a way to monitor students from accessing other browsers and keys, the recording feature causes privacy concerns among users. This post will discuss "Does LockDown Browser record your screen?" and its details.

What Is LockDown Browser and How Does It Work

As physical classes moved to online classes, educational institutions also wanted to conduct online exams. To ensure the efficiency of the exams and reduce the cheating done by students, they introduced the LockDown browsers. LockDown Browser is an online proctoring tool to reduce and detect any kind of malpractice done by students in online exams. It is a proprietary software developed and owned by Respondus, Inc. The software is used in combination with online test platforms to ensure the authenticity of tests. This software lets you control and monitor the on-screen activities by turning off the other browsers and keys.

lockdown browser interface

Once the students enter the proctored environment, The software takes control of your computer and displays the assessment full-screen and can only be minimized if you want to end the test. Except for the words, alphabets, and keys valid for the text, all other keys, including the Browser menu and toolbar options, are invalid. That means you cannot open apps, browsers, or casual tools on your PC. Also, other actions like copying, pasting, screen sharing, etc., are prevented.

🔖Main features of LockDowm Browser:

  • Locks all of the browsers except the proctoring browser with the test.
  • No access to any communication apps like Chats, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.
  • Blocks the keys associated with shortcut functions like ALT + TAB, CTRL+ C/CTRL + V, etc.
  • Removes the browser actions like Back, Forward, Refresh, etc.
  • Can exit the screen only if you want to end the test.

Along with these, the software uses security measures like blocking virtual machines, remote desktops, etc. Thanks to such technological advancements, we can keep an eye on and restrict the use of the system to improve efficiency.

Does LockDown Browser Record Your Screen

For the question "Does LockDown Browser record your screen? " The short answer is: Yes, the LockDowm browser records your screen. However, the LockDown browser does not record full screen until the instructor specifies the software. That is, before setting up the test, the software lets the instructor set up the environment he wants to conduct the exam. Simply put, the LockDown browser is a screen recording software to monitor the student's activity on screen.

lockdown browser interface

Another privacy concern that irks many people is whether the LockDown browser is a screen and audio recorder. The LockDowm browser does not record you or your sound without the instructor instructors, but you will be notified of it before doing so. You can also see the recording symbol whenever the camera is in use.

While these are officially notified, it also collects the data on the computer's OS and hardware specifications. This is done to check whether your system is compatible with the software and has no potential issues that will dampen the test experience or average user experience.

To ensure your privacy is intact, carefully read the popups and emails regarding the tests to understand them. Also, ask the instructors beforehand what the LockDown browser records during the test and make yourself prepared to give the test.

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Ask your students to download the app and set conditions to record screen and webcam overlay, system, and microphone audio. You can then schedule the recording to record the screen while taking exams in UHD quality. Students will then transfer the recording to the teachers to improve the authenticity of exams and their privacy. This is the most viable and secure method for students and instructors to conduct exams.

Therefore, you can consider downloading this software to help you fix this problem.

EaseUS RecExperts is an easy-to-use screen recording software with many features. This recording tool can capture audio and webcam video and what’s happening on your screen. We also liked that it offers scheduled recordings and an auto-stop function. -From TechRadar.

Besides the above screen recorder for Mac and Windows PCs, you can also choose its online screen recorder to help you screen record.

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The concerns over the privacy of the LockDown browser are subject to what the instructor wants to monitor while conducting the exam. But if you ask me whether LockDown Browser records your screen, it depends on the instructor.

To avoid privacy concerns, familiarize yourself with the software and use the alternative EaseUS RecExperts. The software records the screen in high quality, and only you can permit what it should record.

Does LockDown Browser Record Your Screen FAQs

Here are some of the most frequent FAQs asked about the topic. I hope you find these queries helpful.

1. How do I know if LockDown Browser is recording my screen?

Check the recording icon to know whether the LockDowm Browser is recording your screen. You will see the recording icon on your screen if it is recording.

2. How does LockDown Browser detect cheating?

Most of the screen activities other than the required keys for the exam are restricted. The LockDown browser detects the suspicious movements of heads, hands, and body movements to detect cheating.

3. Do teachers watch a recording of LockDown Browser?

If the text is taken for a small size of students, instructors usually use the live proctoring mode to do it. For students of large sizes, the browser records the Students, and instructors may watch the video for authenticity purposes.

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