[2023] How to Zoom Blur Background Meetings Easily

Zoom recently released the blurred background effect in the live-streamed meeting. To learn how to blur Zoom's meeting background, follow this guide. It tells you how to apply this background effect on the desktop, as well as how to apply the virtual background on the Phone. You can easily use such fantastic effects on your Zoom meetings.

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Crystal Chen Updated on Mar 17, 2023| min read

Zoom recently released an effect named the blurred background which helps users customize the visual effect in meetings. It aims to highlight the figure on the screen of a meeting and put more concentration on the host. It's pretty helpful when having an interview in rush time, and virtual effects prevent you from being embarrassed. 

zoom meeting logo

This feature is available on Windows, Mac, and Phone. So, how do you add blur to Zoom? Here, you learn how to apply Zoom blur background. At the same time, the best Zoom meeting recorder is introduced to you.

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Make Zoom Blur Background on PC To create Zoom blurred background on Windows PC, you need to update the Zoom app at first...Full steps
For Zoom Virtual Background on Mac For Mac version, you need to hit "Settings" > "Background & Filters". From various effects, choose Blur from...Full steps
To Blur Zoom Background on Phone Use your phone and click "Settings" > "Meetings"...Full steps

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How to Make Zoom Blur Background on Windows

As Zoom is frequently used in recent days, customized virtual backgrounds have also become a need. This feature can help highlight the character in front of the mirror or hide the embarrassing objects in the background.

No matter what reason you want to apply the blurred background on Zoom meetings, the operation is essential. To know how to blur the background in Zoom meetings, look at the below guide.

A simple guide for you to learn on creating blurred background in Zoom meetings on PC:

Step 1. Firstly, make sure the version of Zoom is updated to 5.5.0 or above.

Step 2. Open it on Windows, and click the "Settings" option. The button is on the right side of the main interface. 

windows zoom meetings settings

Step 3. Now, below the General option, you see the "Background & Filters" option from the menu. Choose it and see more options. In the "Virtual Background", you should choose the Blur effect from the first line. 

windows background blur

Step 4. In the above video, you can see the feature in real-time. Also, you can apply other features as well.

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How to Zoom Blur Background on Mac

For macOS, Zoom also allows this effect in meetings. To focus the character in front of the video, you also use the blurred background feature. Also, before starting to apply, ensure the version of the Zoom is updated. 

Here is a list of steps on making the blurred background in Zoom meetings on Mac:

Step 1. Open the updated Zoom, and choose the "Settings" button which is located under the User Name.

zoom for mac to blur background

Step 2. Now, choose the "Background & Filters" button from the left side of the toolbar. See options in the right interface and you can click the second feature named Blur.

mac blurred background in zoom

Step 3. In the above mirror, view the effect in real-time as well. Meanwhile, try other background effects to enrich the meeting. If you are satisfied with it, close the Settings window and back to the Zoom meeting. 

How to Make Virtual Background in Zoom on Phone

Zoom for mobile is much more convenient than the desktop one. Lucky, this feature can also be applied to the Zoom app. The operation is easy. By highlighting the point, viewers can concentrate on what you are saying. You can apply the virtual effect during the whole meeting. 

No matter you are using an iPhone or Android, it's accessible. Below is an example for Zoom on iPhone. 

zoom blur effect in meetings for phone

To apply this virtual effect in Zoom meetings' background, follow the guide below:

Step 1. Download this application from App Store or Google Play Store. Then, open it. Click "Settings" on the main interface. Then, choose "Meetings"

Step 2. Scroll down the menu and find "Keep Virtual Background For". Hit it and choose "All meetings".

Step 3. Back to the online meetings, and view the Blur feature when having a Zoom discussion.

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FAQs About Zoom Blur for Meetings background

Here are some frequently asked questions about the blurred background in Zoom meetings.

1. Does Zoom have a blur effect? or is there a blur effect on Zoom?

Yes, it does. The blurred background effect appears as the new video background option is in the updated version of Zoom. Therefore, if you have downloaded it recently, you should view the Blur effect in Zoom.

2. Why can't I blur my background in Zoom?

Maybe you use the old version of Zoom. To update it, click the button of your user name or head portrait which is located in the top right of the Zoom interface. Select it and check for updated information.

If you still cannot make it, please message the Zoom help center. Go to: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us

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