Top 12 Best Zoom Recording Software [2024 List]

If you are searching for Zoom recording software, you can find the satisfying answer here. This page covers the best 12 Zoom recording apps with their pros and cons, and you can choose your favorite one to capture the Zoom meetings on Windows, Mac, or mobile phones, even if you want to record a conference video call without permission.

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Updated on Mar 19, 2024

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Zoom, a popular video conferencing software, offers local recording ability to free and paid subscribers. A participant can record the video and audio in a meeting locally, upload the file to Dropbox and Google Drive, or stream it to YouTube or Vimeo flexibly. But this feature is available only if the organizer or the host of the meeting allows you to do. But if he disables the "Record", then how can you get this job done?

Actually, what you need is Zoom recording software. Depending on your favorite platform, there are options for desktop computers (both Windows and macOS) and mobile apps for smartphones. Given that, 12 popular Zoom screen recording software is shared in this post. Go on reading to find the one that suits your needs best.

?Zoom account tested Accounts with/without the host permission
?Test for Windows and Mac users
⏱️Recording time tested 1 hour for each product
?Most recommended EaseUS RecExperts (Win/Mac)

Part 1. Top 8 Zoom Recording Software for PC and Mac

Generally speaking, it's not easy to find a helpful Zoom meeting recording app. However, finding your desired one does take some time. So to help you get an excellent Zoom screen recorder, the top 6 tools on Windows and Mac are shared with you. Also, their core functionalities are introduced. Now, let's jump into it!

1. EaseUS RecExperts ★★★

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

EaseUS RecExperts can run perfectly on Windows and macOS. This Mac and Windows screen recorder supports recording remote online meetings and video calls effectively. As one of the screen recorders free download, it enables you to record a video from your webcam or as a webcam overlay to increase the engagement of future viewers of your recording, which can help when you're making tutorial videos or podcasts.

easeus recexperts

For Mac, it also lets you record full screen on Windows 10 or record a selected area flexibly while recording online meetings. Besides recording the meeting video, it can record audio and webcams with just a few clicks. Most importantly, the main feature is that it uses artificial intelligence to automatically remove backgrounds, which makes it easy to record your webcam with studio, blur, or other backdrop effects. To enhance the virtual background effect, it is highly recommended to find a clear, solid background.

Key Features:

  • Record Microsoft Teams meetings, Google Meet, and other conferences
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals
  • Capture screen, audio, and webcam in high quality
  • Able to record online conferences with no time limit
  • Schedule recording function to start/end task

Try EaseUS RecExperts to find stunning features! Record Zoom meetings now; no registration is needed.

For your convenience, here we offer a video tutorial on recording Zoom meetings. Let's take a look!

how to record zoom meeting

2. Windows 10 Game Bar

Compatibility: Windows 10

This program, which is included with Windows 10, helps record and broadcast video games. Besides gamers, the Game Bar is useful for any video capture, including recording a Zoom meeting, and while recording, it also allows you to adjust the Zoom application volume. Even if it's a pre-installed recorder, it still can capture video in high quality.

To use this Zoom recording software on Windows, your graphic card (dedicated or CPU integrated) must support one of three encoders: Intel Quick Sync H.264, Nvidia NVENC, or AMD VCE.

Zoom meeting screen recording software on Windows 10


  • Offer a performance panel that provides information about your current CPU, GPU, and RAM usage
  • The Broadcasts & Capture pane offers a way to capture screenshots and even live-stream them to the world


  • The Game bar interface doesn't always show inconsistent performance in some tests
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3. OBS Studio

Compatibility: Windows 8/10 (Support also macOS, Linux)

As an open-source screen recorder, OBS Studio is also a free Zoom screen recorder. To capture Zoom meetings, you have to set up your screen recording session by choosing Window Capture from the Sources menu.

This software can create video clips made up of multiple sources, including window captures, images, text, browser windows, webcams, and video cards. You can also set up hotkeys for different actions, like switching between scenes, starting/stopping streams or recordings, muting audio sources, etc.

OBS Studio - Zoom meeting recording software


  • High performance of the real-time video and audio capturing the Zoom meeting
  • Easily convert (remix) recorded files into a different format
  • Record Webex meetings and other online conferences
  • A Studio Mode allows you to preview your sources before live-streaming


  • No editing tools available to use
  • It is a little bit complicated to use, especially for beginners

4. Bandicam

Compatibility: Windows

Bandicam provides screen and audio recording functionality. The Zoom recording software can record various activities on a PC screen - remote lectures, webinars, games, and Skype calls, which is one of the popular screen recorders for Zoom recording.

While recording Zoom meetings, you can capture your whole screen or just the Zoom application window as a video file. When the Zoom meeting is already recorded, you can share it with YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo.

Zoom meeting recording software on Windows


  • Record the part of the screen as you wish
  • You can mix the microphone sound with the webcam recording
  • Use DirectX/OpenGL graphics to record HD video sessions
  • You can add mouse effects to highlight special moments from the Zoom meeting


  • The application has a version only for Windows platforms
  • There are not many editing tools

5. QuickTime Player

Compatibility: macOS

QuickTime Player is a natural option for many Mac users to do screen recording activities because it's bundled into the macOS. You can use it to record your Zoom meeting with a few simple clicks. For screen recording, you need to choose the New Screen Recording option and adjust the settings, like enabling the microphone and selecting the quality output video file.

Besides that, this Zoom recording software also offers you some editing functions to modify your recordings, including trimming a Zoom recording.

Zoom screen recording software on Mac


  • Automatically included with macOS
  • An intuitive, easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to navigate
  • Work with iTunes files


  • Less breadth of compatibility than competitors
  • No playback support, especially for file formats like AVI and FLV

6. Screencast-O-Matic

Compatibility: macOS X 10.9 Mavericks and above (available for Windows)

This Zoom-capturing software can be used on both Windows and macOS machines. This Zoom recording software provides intuitive and affordable video-capturing tools. You can record the screen and webcam, and you can use an external microphone to record the audio.

The recorded clip can be edited with the integrated editor by adding text, animations, or fluid transitions. When the final video file is ready, you can share it on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.



  • Free to use and user-friendly
  • A built-in speech-to-text feature
  • Basic editing functions are offered


  • The free version puts a watermark on your video
  • The maximum length of the Zoom meeting can be up to 15 minutes

7. VLC Media Player

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and other operating systems

This open-source Zoom meeting recording app can be used on Windows, Mac, and other operating systems. It's free-to-use, and you can even edit the parameters for Zoom recording, such as frame rate. If you want to record Zoom with this app, click "File" > "Open Capture Device".

record zoom in vlc



  • Cannot record the target window of the Zoom app
  • Support limited output format

8. ShareX

Compatibility: Windows

The last recommended app for Zoom meetings is ShareX, which can be used on Windows effectively. It's also an open-source screen recorder that can record any area of the screen. To capture Zoom meetings, you can use it to record video on a PC in Windows 10, capture the sound, and take a screenshot without permission.



  • Simple and friendly interface
  • Best Zoom recording software on Windows
  • Record Zoom meeting with audio


  • Only used on Windows

Part 2. Best 4 Zoom Recording App for iOS and Android

There are still some people who like to use their smartphones to attend and record online meetings. So, in this part, we will talk about 4 amazing Zoom recording applications for Android and iPhone users.

1. iOS Built-in Screen Recorder

Compatibility: iOS 11 or later

iPhone users can rely on the built-in screen recording app as well as Zoom recording software, which enables them to capture all activities on the device's screen. If you need to record your Zoom meeting using an iPhone, you have to start a new meeting and then head over to the Control Center.

After the screen recording session starts, you can use a toolbar to pause, resume, or stop the recording. Once you have recorded the video, you can share it with the target audience.

Zoom screen recording software on iPhone


  • Easy to use and a built-in screen recorder for the iPhone/iPad
  • Free to use this app with basic features like toggling microphone audio on or off


  • You can't adjust resolution, fps, or even the bitrate
  • Hard to deal with internal audio

2. Mobizen Screen Recorder

Compatibility: Android 4.4 or later

This helpful mobile app can be used to record screens in 1080p resolution and at 60fps. Especially it will help you to record a Zoom meeting. When the online event starts, you tap on the Record button, and it will capture your phone's screen. What's more, this app allows you to store your recorded video session on an external SD card so that you can record long videos.

Zoom screen recording application


  • Record a clean screen without a watermark with Clean Recording Mode
  • High Quality supported - 1080p Resolution, 12.0Mbps, 60 FPS
  • A Booster Mode allows unsupported devices to record your video


  • It doesn't record internal sounds, only through the device's microphone
  • A lot of free ads and in-app purchases

3. AZ Screen Recorder

Compatibility: Android 5.0 or later

This simple Zoom recording mobile app also records clips in full HD resolution. The main advantage of AZ Screen Recorder is that it doesn't limit your screen recording so that you can use it during any Zoom meeting.

While recording, you can use this Zoom recording software to capture the internal and external sound, grab the whole screen, and simultaneously footage from the front camera. It works reliably, so it will not freeze or crash in the middle of your online meeting. You can even shake your smartphone, and the app will stop the recording.

Zoom screen recording software


  • Basic video editing tools that enable you to polish your video quickly
  • Allow you to share the recorded Zoom meeting with colleagues or partners
  • Unlimited time for screen recording


  • The video editor is not available

4. Recorder for Zoom, Online Meeting & Live Streaming

Compatibility: Android 5.0 or newer

This brand-new app aims at screen recording for Zoom and other video conference recorders. It will help you record presentations from your teacher, colleague, or boss. It can also be used for all applications on your phone, like the Voice Call app, Game app, Live streaming app, etc. So, it allows you to record the screen of your phone directly from other applications.

It shows a floating button to record when you need it easily. Also, choosing the desired quality, resolution, bitrate, frame rate (fps), and recording orientation is possible.

Zoom meetting recorder


  • Easy-to-use recording for Zoom and online meeting
  • Change the resolution, bitrate, and frame rate
  • Record video from all applications on your phone


  • The phone must be on speakers to record the audio


The popular Zoom platform allows only paid plans for webinar organizing and recording. To record the Zoom meeting as a guest without the host's permission, select one screen recording application mentioned above.

This guide presents 12 of the popular Zoom recording software so that you can participate in the meeting in peace without worrying that you will miss something important. The most suitable application is EaseUS RecExperts, as it's feature-rich and provides capable recording functions. It works smoothly and does not affect computer performance. As well you can export the recorded video in quite different formats!

FAQs about Zoom Recording Software

Here is more information about the Zoom recording app.

1. What is the best software/app to record Zoom meetings??

Here is the top 12 popular Zoom meeting recording software:

  • EaseUS RecExperts
  • Windows 10 Game Bar
  • OBS Studio
  • Bandicam
  • QuickTime Player
  • Screencast-O-Matic
  • VLC Media Player
  • ShareX
  • iOS Built-in Screen Recorder
  • Mobizen Screen Recorder
  • AZ Screen Recorder
  • Recorder for Zoom, Online Meeting & Live Streaming

2. Can you record a Zoom meeting without anyone knowing??

Only the host can record the Zoom meetings with the default capturing method. For a participant who wants to record the meeting, it's a need to ask for the host's permission.

If you want to record Zoom without hosting permission or without anyone knowing, try a third-party screen recording utility to allow recording the video conference.

3. Can you record using free Zoom?

If you are the host or some participant who got permission from the host, you can start recording the Zoom meeting using the built-in method. But it only offers some basic recording features.

To apply more fantastic recording methods, such as choosing the output format, audio resource, and more, try other screen recorders introduced above.

EaseUS RecExperts

One-click to capture anything on screen!

No Time Limit, No watermark

Start Recording

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