AI Note Taker for Zoom [Improve Work Efficiency]

If you are facing challenges in taking notes on Zoom while listening attentively to the meetings, you have come to the right place. This article will help you learn about the best AI note taker for Zoom, thus allowing you to track critical information.

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Melissa Lee

Updated on Feb 19, 2024

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Zoom is a widely used platform in the modern workforce where attending professional meetings and relying on taking notes go hand in hand. However, users often question how I take notes during a Zoom meeting while maintaining attentive listening to avoid missing the details.

Since listening and typing simultaneously hinder the ability to be productive, an AI note taker for Zoom steps in to assist you in listening, interpreting, and jotting down meeting summaries.

However, not all AI note-taker apps for Zoom are worth using. Let's explore the best Zoom note-taking tools with their key features, reviews, pros, and cons to choose the proper AI note-taker.

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Free AI Note Taker for Zoom

If you are seeking a free AI note taker for Zoom to stay focused on your important meeting, EaseUS RecExperts must be your way to go. This all-in-one video conference recorder for Windows and Mac users helps you capture meetings from software like Zoom.

Moreover, you can access the note-taking capabilities through its AI Assistant tool. Its AI-powered speech-to-text technology lets you create a transcript of Zoom meetings within seconds. You can even transcribe your recorded video and audio files in the desired language with high accuracy.

EaseUS AI Note Taker


  • Offer a clean and intuitive interface
  • Support over 16 transcription languages
  • Provide live customer support online


  • No support for real-time transcriptions
  • Offer limited transcription features
👨‍🎓Product Review
EaseUS RecExperts isn't the cheapest screen recording software, but it boasts a wide range of features like 4k resolution, 60 fps recording, and audio capture. - from TechRadar

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Best Zoom Note-taking App

Although EaseUS RecExperts is a comprehensive solution, below are some other great Zoom note-taking apps. Let's look at their detailed information:

1. Fathom AI Note Taker

Fathom is an AI meeting note taker that can help record Zoom audio and transcribe it, thus bringing short summaries. It saves automatically generated notes in your database to access them whenever you want. You can also highlight the crucial points with a single click for referral purposes. It even lets you connect with SalesForce and Hubspot CRMs.

Fathom AI Note Taker


  • Offer quick and concise transcript delivery
  • Compatible with Microsoft Teams and Google Meet
  • Let you use these notes on Google Docs and Gmail


  • Need to download the desktop version
  • Slow customer support
👨‍🎓Product Review
Love Fathom is probably the fastest tool for recording client calls and sharing transcripts! - from Product Hunt

2. Fireflies AI Note Taker for Zoom

Fireflies is an AI note taker for Zoom users that assists in recording audio and video meetings, understanding what is spoken, and then transcribing & summarizing for your ease. It is also compatible with almost 50 productive apps, video conferencing, and dialers. You can get the transcription in 30+ languages. It even lets you review the meetings and share the audio snippets with other team members.

Fireflies AI Note Taker for Zoom


  • Easy and quick to install & collaborate
  • Offer AI extensions to create & edit notes
  • Support API for custom integrations


  • It was a bit difficult to make it work at first
  • Transcription quality is not amazing
👨‍🎓Product Review
I've used Fireflies to take notes during qualitative research projects and daily meetings. The call transcription is faster and more accurate than other platforms I've tried. I also like the meeting summary & action items. - from G2

3. Notta

If you are looking for an advanced AI note-taker for Zoom, Notta is the ultimate solution. This alternative aids you in jotting down notes and remembering the key points from the long meetings held on Zoom, Notion, Google Meet, MS Teams, etc. You can get the transcription in real time, which can be edited and shared with colleagues. It even allows searching for specific keywords in the meeting notes.

Notta AI Note Taking Tool


  • Work on Android, iOS, Web, and Chrome
  • Support 100+ languages for transcription
  • Export output in SRT, PDF, DOCX, and TXT


  • Limited functionalities in the free version
  • There is no availability of human transcription
👨‍🎓Product Review
It's a fantastic app for transcription, especially when I upload my audio files and let the app transcribe for me. - from Google Play

4. is an efficient note-taking app capable of recording online meetings and transcribing interviews, lectures, etc. Its automatic dictation technology creates detailed notes, along with identifying the speaker, picking out important words, making summaries, and editing collaboratively with the team members. You can also schedule it to take notes if you can't attend a meeting. Transcription


  • A convenient mobile app for real-time transcription
  • Let you import and transcribe recorded audio files
  • Help you highlight, comment, and revise the notes


  • Transcribe only in English
  • Limited integration features
👨‍🎓Product Review
Efficient backup to call/meeting notes. Works well on mobile for recording & playback; you may want something bigger for interrogating recordings. - from Software Advice

5. Read AI

Another AI note-taking tool to make your meetings effective and efficient is Read. Its cutting-edge technology helps you generate transcription by highlighting essential parts. It also lets you join meetings and send you summaries automatically later. You can also enjoy the exciting features of video playback with highlights, action items, and a Workspace for teamwork & keeping a check on meeting trends.

Read AI Meeting Notes


  • Help you save time by making short notes
  • Organize key takeaways into various categories
  • Offer a smooth experience to Zoom users


  • Its free version is only for 7 days
  • It may not protect your personal information, so keep it safe
👨‍🎓Product Review
I have uninstalled it, but it keeps adding to my every meeting. Don't know why. Please let me know how to stop it and completely remove it. - from Microsoft AppSource

6. Happy Scribe

For those who need to record long meetings on Zoom regularly and write down their notes later, Happy Scribe will be a good choice. It helps you transcribe your recorded speech automatically through AI or manually via professionals for high accuracy. You can also convert the transcriptions to subtitles for videos in SRT format. It even lets you edit the Zoom AI transcription using its text editor.

Happy Scribe Zoom Meetings Notes


  • Integrate well with apps like YouTube
  • Help you identify the speakers as well
  • Keep your data safe and protected


  • Transcription requires editing and proofreading
  • There is no way to eliminate unwanted outside noises
👨‍🎓Product Review
A transcription service that walks the walk rather than making nebulous claims about how good it is. Tons of languages, efficient processing, good results, and sensible pricing make for a winning combination. - from TechRadar

7. Avoma

If you are looking for an AI note taker for Zoom that is specialized for sales and customer success teams, Avoma should be your way to go. It not only takes notes but also creates a things-to-do list. You can also integrate it with CRMS and calendar tools to work with your schedule and customer information. It even provides collaborative note editors and agenda templates.

Avoma AI Note Taker for Zoom


  • Offer comments, snippets, and playlists
  • Provide insights with its conversation intelligence
  • Help you discover key points using specific words


  • Not suitable for personal use
  • Support transcription only in English
👨‍🎓Product Review
The ability to automatically document all of our company's internal and external calls has changed how we do business. Our sales process has improved 10x. It simply pulls up the transcript and integrates nicely with our CRM system. - from G2

8. Rev

Rev is an amazing note-taking app for iOS, Android, and Online users. It lets you record audio calls through a mobile app and provide real-time transcription. You can also transcribe the recorded audio and video files. Its other features include speaker identification and editing & exporting notes. Due to its compliance with ADA and FCC, it ensures the safety and confidentiality of your files.

Rev Zoom AI Transcription


  • Offer human professionals for better quality
  • Let you import recordings from the device & cloud
  • Support over 15 languages to transcribe


  • Capable of integrating only with Zoom
  • Email and live chat customer support is slow
👨‍🎓Product Review
Rev is a versatile transcription service for occasional users and those who transcribe many hours of audio. You can choose between quick automated transcriptions and human-written ones when accuracy is paramount. - from PCMag

9. Gong

Gong proves to be the best AI assistant for Zoom transcription and sales coaching as it offers patterns and actionable insights by accurately analyzing sales calls or meetings. So, you can improve customer interactions with its advanced analytics. It also integrates seamlessly with MS Teams and other conferencing platforms. You can achieve 85% transcription accuracy and even generate live video captions.

Gong Transcribe Zoom Meetings


  • User-friendly website with a simple interface
  • Support for multiple transcription languages
  • Prevent transcription errors with AI speech-to-text model


  • It does not offer keyword identification
  • No free trial is available
👨‍🎓Product Review
Excellent. I would give up just about any other tool in our GTM-specific stack before I gave up Gong. - from Software Advice

10. InqScribe

Are you looking for a simple and efficient AI note taker for Zoom with a straightforward interface? InqScribe is the best solution. It generates the transcriptions by identifying the speech patterns in the meetings. You can upload the audio/video files or paste the URL to complete the transcription. Later, you can effortlessly make changes to the notes text.

InqScribe AI Note Taking App for Zoom


  • Offer web and mobile app versions
  • Compatible with Premiere, Final Cut Pro, etc.
  • Support keyboard controls for easy accessibility


  • Limitations in the free version
  • Lack of advanced features
👨‍🎓Product Review
A powerful and easy solution to analyze multimedia files to transcribe, annotate, and create subtitles for an enhanced video experience. - from Softpedia

11. Chorus

Chorus by ZoomInfo is a valuable AI tool for sales calls and meetings to record, transcribe, and analyze business conversations in real time and make notes. It also offers translation services for emails to track sales indicators. It can join your online meetings to capture screen shares and conversations. You will get high-accuracy transcripts, which can be leveraged for email follow-ups and CRM updates.

Chorus AI Zoom Note Taking App


  • Help you identify key points with its transcript
  • Offer speaker identification and action events
  • Let you create small call snippets to share


  • The transcription is not always accurate
  • Sometimes, it inconsistently joins calls
👨‍🎓Product Review
Chorus records and transcribes our sales calls and pulls out pertinent information we can use to propel potential customers through the sales process. - from TrustRadius

How to Choose A Proper AI Note Taker?

Let's look at the several standards to consider when choosing a good AI note-taker for Zoom. You need to select the tool that satisfies most of your needs effectively.

🔥Ease of Use: The best Zoom AI note taker should be user-friendly with intuitive controls and a simple interface so everyone can make it work without hassle.

🔥Integration with Zoom: Opt for a tool that can sync well with Zoom, CRM, calendars, etc., thus ensuring easy setup and smooth AI transcription.

🔥Multilingual Support: Consider whether the app supports multiple languages or at least the language in which you want to get the transcription.

🔥Real-Time Transcription: It would be a plus point if the AI note taker could transcribe your meetings in real time. You can achieve instant meeting notes to keep up with the conversation.

🔥High Accuracy: Since transcription is what you want to achieve, your chosen application should note down accurately what was said in the meeting.

🔥Security and Privacy: Your meeting notes may have any secret stuff. Hence, note-taking apps must maintain the security and privacy of your data.

🔥Customer Support: It's preferable to select an app that offers various modes of quick online customer support other than only email.

🔥Cost: Looking for a free AI note taker for Zoom is better, but you might face some limitations. In this scenario, always consider the transcription limitations.

After considering the elements above, we suggest you download the AI note-taker from the button below.

AI Note Taker for Zoom FAQs

1. Does Zoom have an AI note-taker?

Yes, Zoom not only allows manual note-taking but also offers an AI assistant, Notetaker. It helps you take notes, transcribe, and give users a summary of each discussion in the meeting.

2. What is the best note-taker for Zoom?

EaseUS RecExperts is considered the best AI note-taker for Zoom meetings because of its AI Assistant, which assists you in transcribing audio or video recordings into the desired language.

3. Is there a way to take notes in Zoom?

You can use the AI built-in Zoom assistant, Notetaker, or manual note-taking. Other third-party applications are also available, such as Fathom, Fireflies,, Notta, Happy Scribe, Avoma, and more.


Taking notes on Zoom has become a piece of cake with AI tools that can listen and make short notes. This post has provided the 12 best Zoom note-taking tools. However, EaseUS RecExperts is highly recommended.

This best AI note taker for Zoom helps you record Zoom meetings and converts them into text in various languages with high accuracy. Let's download this software to boost productivity with limitless recording and transcription capabilities.

EaseUS RecExperts

One-click to capture anything on screen!

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