Top 8 Free Netflix Recorder & Netflix Downloader in 2023

These free apps and the built-in system allow you to record Netflix in HD quality. Once recorded, you can watch it offline, upload to online storage services, and further edit the video. Some of the apps allow you to share videos with families and friends. The Netflix recorder works well and gives you the freedom to watch anytime anywhere.

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Melissa Lee Updated on Dec 30, 2022| min read

Netflix is one of the most popular media service providers that can offer TV shows and movie streaming services. If you take up a premium plan, you can watch TV shows and movies on multiple devices. However, Netflix offers only a limited period of downloading. Beyond that time, there is no way to download the videos and keep them forever.

That's where you need Netflix recording apps. You can use these apps to save videos offline on Windows, Mac and then play them anytime. Some apps also make it possible to play videos on smartphones.

Top 8 Netflix Recorder & Netflix Downloader:

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1. EaseUS RecExperts 

If you are looking for an all-in-one and user-friendly Windows screen recorder, EaseUS RecExperts for Windows can be a good choice. This Netflix recorder software enables you to record streaming video that is playing on your device. If you want to save the movies on Netflix and watch them whenever you like, this recording tool is indispensable.

You can record the contents in a specific region or on the full screen using this recorder. If you want to record Netflix videos repeatedly, you can schedule recording with a built-in task scheduler, and the recorder will do it for you punctually.

It also comes with a basic video trimming tool, which allows you to remove whatever is unnecessary and export an abbreviated version. What's more, it supports various formats, and you can choose an output format that fits your device.

Key Features:

  • Record full screen and record part of screen Windows 10 
  • Capture video, audio, or webcam
  • Configure framerate, bitrate, and resolution
  • Split the recordings automatically

If you want to know how to record Netflix, you can download and install this recorder, then follow the guidance in this part. 

How to Record Netflix 1080P:

Please keep in mind that this tutorial for recording videos is for personal use only. We do not encourage the capturing of streaming video for any commercial purpose.

Step 1. Launch the EaseUS screen recorder, and click on the "Online Video" button that looks like a small TV on the left panel.

Launch EaseUS RecExperts

Step 2. Here you can see popular streaming sites, like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, Hulu, etc., and choose your desired one. If you cannot find the streaming site you want here, click on the "+" button.

Choose streaming site

Then, a pop-up window will appear, and select the "Restart" option.

Restart RecExperts

Step 3. After restarting this program, you need to select the recording area, audio source, webcam devices, or more according to your needs. Then, click on the REC button to start the video recording. 

Start video recording

To pause or stop the recording, you can choose the corresponding button on the floating toolbar.

Stop recording

Step 4. When the recording is over, you can preview the recorded videos with the built-in media player easily and quickly.

View recordings

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2. EzVid 

If you need a video editor and a Netflix screen recorder together, EzVid is the software you need to choose. It comes with different recording modes, which make Netflix recording super smooth.

You can use this software to trim the overall size of your video. You can also utilize other functions, such as webcam recording, voice synthesis, screen drawing, speed control, and so on.

ezvid record screen netflix


  • Extremely easy to use 
  • An overlapping timeline allows you to merge multiple Netflix recordings
  • You can add a watermark for brand promotion
  • Create an SRT file that you can add to videos as subtitles


  • No option to record full-screen videos
  • No full HD recording
  • Video render is slow

Compatibility: Windows


3. OBS Studio 

OBS Studio is a powerful video editor built for professional users, especially those who love stream gameplay.

More than that, it's also suitable for you to record Netflix videos with this software. It comes with tons of features that allow you to create the scene collection and add multiple recording sources. The software can record system audio, which results in an obvious recording of Netflix video.

obs netflix recording mac and windows


  • A powerful Netflix video recorder software
  • Use the studio mode to remix Netflix video
  • You can switch among multiple sources if one source doesn't work
  • A powerful audio mixer that can remove noise from the audio


  • High-end PC configuration is required to use this software
  • Sometimes the videos don't get saved into the computer
  • Plugins are supported but are challenging to install

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

4. IceCream Apps 

It's a free Netflix screen recorder that offers multiple functions, like video capture, game capture, audio recording, and screenshot. Recording Netflix is straightforward. All you need to do is press a button to capture the video and select the Netflix video on your browser.

Once the recording is complete, you can go ahead with editing, which includes the option to trim, change speed, and convert video.

icecream netflix screen recording


  • An excellent Netflix video recorder software
  • Support annotation to add text, arrows, and more
  • Instantly share to social media websites
  • Convert video to GIF
  • Export files for multiple devices like iPad, iPhone, and more


  • The built-in video editor is limited to trimming
  • During game recording, you cannot change Frame Rate Settings

Compatibility: Windows


5. ShareX 

It is one of the most feature-rich open-source Netflix screen recorders which can quickly start recording Netflix in a click. Once you start streaming, use the menu to select screen recording and then select the region. Make sure to keep Netflix in full screen for best results.

That said, the software is lightweight and offers a workflow method that allows you to set up recordings if you do the same thing every day. Just use the hotkeys and get started quickly.

sharex screen recording


  • A powerful screen recorder for Netflix
  • Offer video and image editing tools to enhance the output
  • Add images, effects, and watermarks
  • You can upload videos to multiple places like YouTube, FTP, and more


  • Too many options can confuse anyone
  • The learning curve is too high for beginners
  • No built-in editor

Compatibility: Windows


6. PlayOn Cloud 

Although Netflix offers offline downloading on its Android and iPhone app, the videos stay only in the app. There is no way of playing it with your favorite app.

That's where the PlayOn Cloud Netflix recorder app comes into play. The app specializes in recording streaming videos from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and so on. The best part of using this app is that you never have to worry about the expiring of your downloads, which happens on the Netflix app.

Once you record the Netflix video, you can watch it anytime and then stream it on the big TV. 

playon cloud record netflix


  • A powerful Netflix video downloader that never expires
  • Option to stream over Chromecast, XBOX, and other DLNA enabled devices
  • Queue multiple downloads
  • Select safe shows for kids


  • The recording is limited to 720P
  • Users often complain about login issues with streaming services
  • Poor connection while streaming

Compatibility: Android


7. iPhone Built-in Recorder 

If you are using an iPhone, you are in luck with a built-in Netflix recorder software. This feature allows you to record anything on your screen, including audio. You can quickly activate the recorder from the iOS control center, and it will record the video in the exact resolution of your phone.

Since there is no way to set the region, it will record everything on your phone, so make sure to put the phone on DND to keep the notifications and calls.

Make sure to open the Netflix series in the first place, and start the recording, then start playing the audio. You can always edit the video later and then import it back to the iPhone.

record netflix on iphone with screen recording


  • Record exactly how you see on your phone
  • No need for external apps and software
  • Videos can be exported to a computer using iTunes


  • The recording is limited to the resolution of the phone
  • It can be interrupted because of low battery or incoming calls, or screen timeout
  • The number of videos stored depends on the storage capacity of the iPhone

Compatibility: iOS

8. Android Screen Recorder 

Most Android smartphones come with a built-in screen recorder. If you don't know how to record Netflix on Android without PlayOn Cloud App, this recorder can help a lot. It works similar to the iPhone and records in the same resolution as the phone.

To record Netflix videos, you need to start streaming on the browser and then tap on the record screen button from the action center, and it will instantly start recording. Make sure to turn off all notifications to keep away all the distractions. 

record netflix android phone


  • Instant recording without installing any software
  • You can upload recordings to cloud storage
  • Use the video editor to remove part of the video which is not required
  • Export to Windows or macOS and further compress video to make it even smaller


  • Full HD resolution recording is not available 
  • Video size is limited by storage

Compatibility: Android


These are some fantastic and powerful Netflix recorders, which allow you to record Netflix movies and series on your computer, macOS, iPhone, and Android smartphone.

EaseUS RecExperts is a promising software that offers screen, webcam, and audio recording when using Windows PC. You can always set up a scheduled recording, which makes it easy to record at a given time. All in all, these tools must be enough for you to record anywhere you want.

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