Easy Steps to Record Discord Stream with Audio in 2023

Discord is often used as a streaming platform. However, many people want to use it to do more than just stream. For instance, some people may want to record the streaming video and save it for later use. In this article, we will show you how to record Discord stream with audio in easy steps.

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Discord is a widely used streaming platform for games, movies, and more. You can quickly stream TV series and gameplay on Discord to share with friends. Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, etc. are all supported. Most people just want to stream videos while some people want to record streaming videos for later use.

If you want to do the same, you will need a third-party tool to record without hassle. There are many choices in the market. If you don't know how to choose, no worries. We will introduce some useful streaming video recorders to you before recording.

Stage 1. Start Streaming on Discord

Before starting streaming on Discord, you need to know that not all systems support audio and video streaming. You can only share audio when streaming on a device running Windows 10 or macOS version 10.13 or later. Therefore, you need to make sure that your device can be used to stream on discord.

If you are sure that your device can be used to stream on Discord, you can start streaming. You can stream Switch on Discord and stream Hulu, YouTube, etc. on Discord with simple steps. Here we take streaming Hulu on Discord as an example to show you how to do Discord streaming step by step.

Install and Launch Discord

Step 1. Download and install Discord from its official website. Launch it on your operating system. Then, create an account to start.

Step 2. Open up the Hulu app on your system and start the show you want to stream.

Step 3. Open Discord, add a server, and choose text & voice channel. Press the small "Settings" icon and go to "Activity Settings" > "Registered Games" > "Add it".

Step 4. Now, choose "Google Chrome" from the available options. You will see the "Google Chrome" section from the main interface.

Step 5. Now, click "Screen" and choose the window you need to share. Hit the "Go Live" button last.

Stage 2. Record a Discord Stream with Audio

To record a Discord streaming video without a time limit, you can download and use a screen recorder that can record audio on PC at the same time. In this part, we will give you some screen recording programs that can record a Discord stream with audio.

1. EaseUS RecExperts

Whether the content you want to record on Discord, you always need an easy-to-use yet powerful Mac and Windows screen recorder like EaseUS RecExperts. This is a lightweight screen recording software that helps you save anything on your screen with simple clicks.

With this tool, you can choose to record the full screen or record the part of screen. Also, you can choose to capture the microphone and system sound. Or, you can use it to record the webcam to show yourself in front of the computer.

To record a Discord stream with audio using EaseUS RecExperts, you just need to record the streaming screen with the audio button on. Now, you can download this software by clicking on the button below.

Follow the steps below to record a Discord stream with audio easily.

Step 1. Launch the EaseUS screen recorder, and click on the "Online Video" button that looks like a small TV on the left panel.

Launch EaseUS RecExperts

Step 2. Here you can see popular streaming sites, like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, Hulu, etc., and choose your desired one. If you cannot find the streaming site you want here, click on the "+" button.

Choose streaming site

Then, a pop-up window will appear, and select the "Restart" option.

Restart RecExperts

Step 3. After restarting this program, you need to select the recording area, audio source, webcam devices, or more according to your needs. Then, click on the REC button to start the video recording. 

Start video recording

To pause or stop the recording, you can choose the corresponding button on the floating toolbar.

Stop recording

Step 4. When the recording is over, you can preview the recorded videos with the built-in media player easily and quickly.

View recordings

2. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is recognized as one of the best game recorders worldwide, as it is entirely free and easy to use. With its help, you can record almost all the gameplay on your computer screen. Also, it can be used to record desktop activities without a hassle.

Maybe you know that this open-source screen recorder also supports live streaming to different platforms when you are watching movies or playing games. What's more important, you can adjust audio in your stream video recording, including volume, voice-over, and many more. Follow the tutorial below to start recording.

Record Discord with OBS

Step 1. Download and install OBS. Launch it and pick "Optimize just for recording, I will not be streaming" in the window that appears.

Step 2. Go to Discord and start streaming on it.

Step 3. Add the targeted screen by pressing the "+" button under "Source". Then choose "Display Capture".

Step 4. Choose "Audio Output Capture" to add the audio source for the recording. You can test the recording first.

Step 5. Click on "Start Recording" and the recording will start.

FAQs about How to Record Discord Stream with Audio

Check the related two questions and their answers below.

1. Can Discord audio be recorded?

Yes, but if you wish to record Discord audio, a third-party app like Audacity or OBS is needed. After that, you can record Discord audio with easy steps.

2. How do I record audio and gameplay on Discord?

To do so, you will need a screen, audio, and webcam recorder like EaseUS RecExperts. All you need to do is install it on your computer, open Discord, and use this screen recorder to record with a click on the "REC" button.


After reading the content above, you can see that you will need a screen recorder if you want to record Discord streaming video. In this way, you can record Discord without disruption and time limit. We recommend you download EaseUS RecExperts from the button below and use it to record the Discord stream easily.

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