How to Fix the Problem VLC No Sound [6 Helpful Ways]

VLC is a widely used media player, but like most programs, it can be vulnerable to certain glitches. One such issue is VLC No Sound. In this article, we'll explain why this may be occurring, provide solutions, and offer prevention tips so you can avoid this issue in the future.

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Updated on Jul 02, 2024

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VLC is a popular program for playing and encoding videos, yet users may experience various technical difficulties with it. It is certainly merited as it has evolved to become a great substitute for any video player available for PCs. Moreover, it offers many useful features aside from playing multimedia content.

One common issue is the program having VLC no sound while the video itself plays normally. There may be a number of factors contributing to the issue with the VLC media player, so here are some steps to help diagnose and resolve the problem.

Why Does VLC Have No Audio

VLC is well known for its wide range of formats and customized settings; however, some have experienced difficulty with audio playback. Fortunately, correcting this issue is easy and allows you to return to your viewing experience quickly.

vlc media player has no audio

🔇 VLC is muted: If you have unintentionally muted your video player, you could be left with just video on VLC without any sound. This could be the result of a faulty configuration and can occur if the mute option is accidentally triggered. Check that the sound is not muted by navigating to the 'Audio-Mute' settings within VLC.

💥 Your video has been corrupted: The most common source of the issue is a corrupted or damaged video file. It could be possible that the video you're trying to watch on the VLC media player has been corrupted with Windows 11. The video could have been corrupted while being downloaded, or a virus may be the culprit.

🗝️ VLC is outdated: If you are using an outdated version of the VLC media player, it can significantly affect its performance. This can lead to an issue known as the VLC no audio error, which can make your viewing or listening experience unbearable.

❌ VLC is improperly configured: In the event that the audio settings on the VLC media player have been altered, it can lead to a lack of sound whenever videos are played. To rectify this, you must navigate to the audio settings in the player's configuration panel and alter them so as to turn on the audio output.

💻 Video codec incompatibility: The lack of sound in VLC media players may be caused by an incompatibility between the codecs used to compress the video file and the player's own codecs. When a video file is downloaded, it is compressed using specific codecs, and if the player does not support the codecs, then there will be no sound.

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How To Fix VLC Has No Sound Problem

VLC Media Player is a comprehensive program for playing virtually all video and audio formats on your computer. Occasionally, though, you may experience issues, such as VLC no sound MKV with video files. This is an annoying problem, as many videos are rendered unwatchable without sound.

  1. Fix 1. Unmute Audio On VLC
  2. Fix 2. Check If Some Reasons Like Virus Attacks Damage Your Video
  3. Fix 3. Update the VLC
  4. Fix 4. Reset the VLC Player Preferences
  5. Fix 5. Convert the Video to Another Format
  6. Fix 6. Choose An Alternative To VLC Media Player: EaseUS RecExperts

Fix 1. Unmute Audio On VLC

In order to unmute the VLC no-sound Linux, first open your VLC media player. At the bottom right corner, click on the volume icon and ensure no red mark is visible. If there is a red mark, then click on the icon with your mouse, and that will unmute the audio.

unmute the audio

Fix 2. Check If Some Reasons Like Virus Attacks Damage Your Video

Video file corruption is one of the primary sources of VLC no sound problems. This corruption can lead to the alteration of file metadata, which may result in difficulties when playing back the video. Corruption has several possible causes, ranging from virus/malware attacks to internet connection issues to downloading videos from unrecognized sources.

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Fix 3. Update the VLC

The sound issues experienced with the VLC no sound Mac may be due to an outdated version, which can easily be addressed by updating to the newest version. VLC is free and open source, meaning the latest version will provide users with the latest enhancements and upgrades, including any sound bugs that may have been fixed or new audio codecs that have been added. Upgrading to the newest version of VLC is the best way to improve the player's sound performance.

update the vlc

Fix 4. Reset the VLC Player Preferences

If you are uncomfortable messing around with the VLC no audio mp4 settings, you can reset the preferences to the default state. This will give you a clean slate and allow you to start again from scratch. To do this, open the app and press Ctrl+P. At the bottom of the window that pops up, you will find the reset option.

reset the vlc preferences

Fix 5. Convert the Video to Another Format

If you shoot videos with a DSLR camera, like Nikon, Canon, and JVC, your MOV files may contain a Linear PCM audio track, which VLC does not recognize. This incompatibility can cause a VLC no sound error after attempting to convert MOV to MP4.

The simplest solution for this problem is to use a video converter like Free Video Converter to convert the file format, codec, resolution, frame rate, etc., to one that VLC is able to play. This should help avoid any further audio or video playback issues, with VLC no audio after conversion or stuttering due to the higher resolution and/or frame rate.

convert the video

Fix 6. Choose An Alternative To VLC Media Player: EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts is an excellent screen recorder and a perfect media player. You can record the whole or a part of the screen using this app. You may capture HD videos in 2D or 3D.

Additionally, it makes a fantastic video editor. Videos can be edited, paused, started, stopped, and clipped. Advanced features allow for the preservation of speech and voice, eliminating ambient noise and music and adding comments like writing on the screen while recording. More importantly, you can freely play MOV files on Windows 10 at different speeds. At the same time, you can freely screenshot the picture from your video in high quality.

easeus recexperts slow motion video player

In a word, it is a good alternative to the VLC media player, and you can consider trying this perfect media player. As an excellent HD video player, there are some main features as follows:

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VLC media players are designed to play multimedia files smoothly, but sometimes users encounter an error where they experience VLC no sound error. This can be attributed to several causes, including corrupted video files or incorrect configuration settings. This article provides easy-to-follow solutions that can help resolve this issue without requiring any professional assistance.

In a word, it is strongly recommended that you can try the desktop media player: EaseUS RecExperts, which can help you play all kinds of video formats and manage your video files well. Why not have a try?

FAQs About How to Fix VLC Has No Sound Problem

Understanding the possible reasons behind the no-sound error might help to get it fixed. Here are some of the FAQs:

1. How to install an audio codec in VLC?

The safest way to ensure you have clean and safe VLC codecs is to officially download and install the latest version of VLC Media Player directly from the VideoLAN website. Doing so will automatically overwrite any existing version of VLC and include the necessary codecs. Alternatively, if you are using an older version of VLC, you can also update it directly by selecting Check for Updates from the Help menu bar at the top.

2. What audio codecs work with VLC?

VLC media player is a multi-platform, free, and open-source program created by VideoLAN. It boasts that it can play everything! And often does not require additional codecs. However, it does have almost all codecs built-in, sparing users the hassle of sourcing and installing them. Despite its range of capabilities, VLC may not be able to access certain exotic media files due to the lack of codecs such as Indeo Video among its included features.

3. How do I update VLC Media Player?

With VLC Media Player, it's best to install the latest version in your system. This is because it comes with additional features, security updates, and improvements compared to earlier versions. The VideoLAN Group regularly releases new updates, so you will be likely to get an automated notification when you open the application. If there's no automatic update notification, go to Help and Check for Updates from the user interface and perform a manual check. This will search for any available updates for VLC Media Player online.

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