Does ProctorHub Record Your Screen [Answered]

Are you going to appear for UCF's ProctorHub test? You may wonder, does ProctorHub record your screen? This post answers all your questions regarding ProctorHub, its working, and if it records your computer screen. Let's look.

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Updated on Dec 01, 2023

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ProctorHub is a great tool to detect academic integrity violations and help restrict cheating. But as a student appearing for the first time for the test, you may wonder, Does ProctorHub record your screen?

Here's a question from Reddit:

Hi! I am new to UCF and have never used ProctorHub. Does anyone have experience with the ProctorHub test and can tell me how it works? Does it record screen, and is it a constant live stream? --From Reddit

We understand more questions can puzzle your mind, and you may feel skeptical about appearing for your online test. You must continue reading our post to find the right answer. Also, while taking the quiz, you may use free video recording software or an online screen recorder to record your performance for the future. Let's explore the answers with a powerful screen recording option.

What Is ProctorHub

ProctorHub test is a UCF test monitoring system that uses a webcam to monitor test-taking activity during online testing. The program can record videos from a webcam (images and screenshots only) and a microphone, and once the test is complete, a script runs to compile the photos into a video on a weekly schedule.

what is proctorhub

The primary features of ProctorHub are:

  • It is a free-of-cost program that doesn't charge any fee from students for its use
  • Videos are accessible only to the instructor
  • ProctorHub does not record your computer screen
  • Recorded videos are stored in a secure environment
  • ProctorHub is incompatible with Apple iOS like iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and Android smartphones
  • Helps assist in documenting a quiz in case of a cheating allegation

How Does ProctorHub Work

To take a test using ProctorHub:

  • Register for the program and select an available time to take the exam on the day of your assigned exam.
  • Ensure you have a valid UCF student ID and Adobe Flash Player downloaded on the system.
  • Test out your webcam before beginning the exam.
  • Upon taking the exam, hold your UCF ID up to the webcam for 5 seconds and put it down to begin the exam.
  • If your webcam stops working during the test, continue taking the exam and take a screenshot of any issues that occur. Your instructor will handle this situation on a case-by-case basis.
Before beginning the test or quiz, students must have a web camera attached to their computer equipment; most laptops have built-in webcams. However, if their laptops don't have one or have some issue, they can visit and check out webcams from the UCF Libraries' LibTach desk. There are also computers with webcams in the UCF library that the students can use to take their quizzes.

ProctorHub monitors for movements and noises out of the ordinary, and an immediate email is sent to the professor if it's the case. Here, the professor can go back and see what happened in a series of screenshots and webcam photos, but not as a video.

Does ProctorHub Record Your Screen

ProctorHub test is an integration that assists faculty members with quiz and exam authentication while helping to curb cheating. The University of Central Florida (UCF) developed this program that uses test takers' webcams and the modern features of current web browsers to capture the test-taking process.

So, Does ProctorHub record your screen? No. It only records that's viewable by your webcam, and your computer screen is not recorded. However, it monitors your screen contents.

does proctorhub record your screen

ProctorHub is a relatively easy program to use and asks permission to use a working computer with a built-in webcam and microphone available. However, if you wonder, Can ProctorHub hear you, the answer is no. It only uses virtual content to record you regardless of your environmental sounds and noise.

Suppose your laptop's microphone does not work; you can use the program's chat box available to the student and the proctor. You may also think, Does ProctorHub know when you switch tabs? ProctorHub records in 5-10 second bursts and not even a full continuous recording. So if you're on a different tab that your test for over 15 seconds, you may get into trouble.

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ProctorHub is an integration into Web courses built by UCF's Center for Distributed Learning. It is an identity confirmation companion that helps the instructor curb cheating and ensure that the same person takes the test from start to finish. But "Does ProctorHub record your screen?" You now have the relevant answer. You can use EaseUS RecExperts to screen-record your test and other streaming videos and gameplays and view them in its built-in record player. Download and try EaseUs RecExperts today.

FAQs About Does ProctorHub Record Your Screen

We have discussed the ProctorHub test and the best free screen recorder. However, if you need to find answers to more questions, these FAQs can help tackle your queries.

1. Does ProctorHub use a microphone?

Yes. ProctorHub asks permission for the webcam and microphone to run before taking tests on it. So ensure your microphone is turned on by clicking the button next to your webcam.

2. Can ProctorHub detect screen recordings?

ProctorHub doesn't watch you in real-time. It is only a passive proctoring solution and records only what is viewable by your webcam. It should not detect screen recording because it does not record your computer screen.

3. Does ProctorHub record audio?

No. ProctorHub does not record any audio content. It just records video content visible through your face/web camera with no audio.

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