How to Change GoToMeeting Virtual Backgrounds in 2023

To know how to use GoToMeeting virtual backgrounds during the meeting, follow this post and check the detailed steps. By connecting with a virtual camera, you can easily change the background as you like. In the end part, you can also know how to record webcam video using it.

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Crystal Chen Updated on Mar 17, 2023| min read

Remote video calls become increasingly popular, and people who always use the webcam to show their face would like to apply fantastic technology like virtual background or Zoom blur effect. A virtual background in webcam meetings can help hide any object you don't want to show with others. It's especially helpful when having a remote interview, and you don't want to lose the first impression in front of the audience. 

To apply GoToMeeting virtual backgrounds, you need help from third-party software. Follow this post!

gotomeeting recording

You have two choices to replace the background in GoToMeeting, using ChromaCam or ManyCam.

Change GoToMeeting Virtual Background with ChromaCam

Whether you want to apply a virtual effect or use the blurred background in a meeting, third--party services like ChromaCam are needed. Some users can see ChromaCam installed on this video call software. If you cannot find the way to use "Custom Background", then it's a need to download this application from its official website. 

To know how to replace GoToMeeting virtual background without a green screen:

  • Move to the website:
  • Under "No Green Screen Background Removal", you just click "Try for Free". Install it on your computer. 
  • Navigate to GoToMeeting and let ChromaCam be your webcam device. Open the video meeting software and hit the "Setting" icon, and then choose the webcam in ChromaCam. 

chromacam background

You can blur the background, and see the preview from the left side. From this step, it's optional to choose the blur level, add a custom image to be the background, or choose the presets in this software. 

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Change GoToMeeting Virtual Backgrounds via ManyCam

Like ChromaCam, ManyCam can also be used as a virtual camera in video call meetings. However, this method is less likely to be accepted by GoToMeeting users for the blurred effect can be effective with a green screen

Apart from making the blurred background, the Chroma Key in this application allows replacing the background from the video call meeting. You can change the background with a new and desired image from your local files. But it won't work without a green screen behind the object. 

How to change the background on GoToMeeting with the green screen, using ManyCam:

Step 1. Download and then open ManyCam. From the left side, connect your video call meeting with your camera. Then, click "Chroma Key" and apply the virtual background function. 

Step 2. From the virtual background window, enable this feature. Followed, click "Blur" to make the background blurred. It's optional to adjust the blur level. Or you can choose a custom image to be your virtual background. 

manycam virtual camera

Step 3. To connect GoToMeeting with ManyCam, you need to open this video call application and hit "Settings".

find settings in gotomeeting

From the camera settings, choose "ManyCam Virtual Webcam" from several options.

manycam virtual camera

Step 4. Once modified, hit "OK, I'm Ready". Join a remote meeting and use the virtual effect in the background. 

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FAQs About GoToMeeting Virtual Background

Here are questions gathered from the public, and you can search for some useful tips. 

1. Does GoToMeeting have virtual backgrounds?

You can add a virtual camera from third-party software to apply the virtual camera effects. For example, ChromaCam can help replace the background on GoToMeeting without using the green screen. You can see the blurred background or virtual scene to hide your actual living background. 

2. How to add a virtual background in GoToMeeting?

First of all, download the application which has the function to be connected with video conferencing software like GoToMeeting, being as an external virtual camera. Then, enable the virtual camera effect in the meeting. 

3. How do I add a virtual background to the webcam?

You need to change the Settings in the camera input, enabling the virtual camera during the meeting. So, you need to download third-party software that allows the virtual effect in the webcam before starting the meeting. 

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