Windows 11 Snipping Tool Missing? Check Top 5 Tested Fixes

Are you wondering because of the Windows 11 snipping tool missing issue? Well, it is a fundamental change made by Microsoft; however, sometimes, you may see that the app is not opening up. So, we have got your back by solving this issue with our quick fixes. Check them out and apply instantly.

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Jane Zhou

Updated on Apr 19, 2024

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Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Method 1. Opening Snipping Tool Using Windows.old Folder Start by pressing the Windows+E keys to open 'File Explorer...Full steps
Method 2. Making Changes in Date and Time Start by opening Settings by pressing the Windows+I keys. Then from...Full steps
Method 3. Making Modifications in the Group Policy Press the 'Windows+R' keys to open 'Run,'...Full steps
Method 4. Download from Microsoft Store Tap the 'Windows+S' keys to open the Search option...Full steps
Method 5. Using a Professional Software as an Alternative Launch this software and choose the area you want to capture...Full steps

Microsoft enables Windows users with a built-in tool for taking screenshots and recording screens, and it is called the Snipping tool. However, due to a recent upgrade, many users started complaining about the Windows 11 snipping tool missing issue. It happened due to a trigger of a bug in the OS, whereas some faced the problem because of system files that turned corrupt.  

Herein we are helping you by suggesting valuable ways to fix the issue. Besides, we are also assisting you with an alternative snipping tool for Windows that can eradicate the problem as an instant solution. So keep reading and find out all the possible fixes right away.

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Reasons for Not Finding Snipping Tool in Windows 11

There can be many reasons triggering the Windows 11 snipping tool missing issue. Some of them are;

  • Users are reporting a bug in the OS
  • System files turning corrupt fail the pre-installed tools like the Snipping tool failing at times
  • Sometimes there are specific settings that get disabled and lead to the malfunctioning of the snipping tool

To solve the Snipping tool missing issue, you can continue reading to find the solutions. If the Windows 11 snipping tool not working well, you can also find the solutions in the related post.

How to Fix Windows 11 Snipping Tool Missing Issue

Before trying complex solutions, restart your PC and check if the Snipping tool occurs. Alternatively, you can update the latest OS or do scanning of malware on your PC. However, if the Windows 11 snipping tool missing issue still exists, try any of the fixes given below as solutions.

Method 1. Opening Snipping Tool Using Windows.old Folder

In case you have recently upgraded to Windows 11, you may find the issue of the Windows 11 snipping tool missing and need to be addressed. For this, you must check the Windows.old Folder wherein the Snipping tool's older version must still be intact. Once you launch Windows 11, the older version of the tool may crash it. 

Step 1. Start by pressing the Windows+E keys to open 'File Explorer.' Then by navigating to the C: drive, open the directory for Windows.old.

opening snipping tool using windows old folder

Step 2. Make a selection of Windows folders and go ahead with opening the Folder named 'System 32.'

Step 3. Now go on searching for 'snippigtool.exe' and launch the program.

In case you have recently upgraded to Windows 11, you will find a folder named Windows.old with the shortcut for Snipping Tool. Then you can go running directly from this place. If you find that the Folder is not existing or gets deleted, you can try the fix ahead.

Method 2. Making Changes in Date and Time

Microsoft advises the suggested method, and a particular date is indicated because of the digital certificate owned by the app. The certification holds validity till the date of 31st October 2021. If you get a new update, then it will solve the issue related to Windows 11 snipping tool missing. However, if the update does not work for you, change the date and fix the problem.

Step 1. Start by opening Settings by pressing the Windows+I keys. Then from the navigation pane, select 'Time and language.'

change date and time

Step 2. Now choose 'date and Time.' Then go for the toggle off the 'Set Time automatically' switch.

Step 3. Then go tap on the 'Change button.' It will be present beside the option 'Set the date and time manually.'

Step 4. Now, you can set the time before 30th October 2021.

set time and date

Step 5. Then tap on the 'Change' option to ensure the problem gets fixed.

Method 3. Making Modifications in the Group Policy

If you are experiencing Windows 11 snipping tool missing issues, it may be because of a policy that needs to be configured. However, if you follow the given steps, you may notice that the problem gets fixed.

Step 1. Start by pressing the 'Windows+R' keys to open 'Run,' then type 'gpedit.msc' in the given space. Then press Enter key.

open run

Step 2. Now expand 'Administrative Templates' given under the User Configuration option. Then make a selection for Windows Components. After that, choose 'Tablet PC' from the section on the right.

Step 3. Now make a selection of 'Accessories.'

Step 4. Then double tap on the option of the 'Do not allow Snipping tool to run' policy.

choose disabled option

Step 5. Now, from the choices in the top section, choose the 'Disabled' option. Then tap on the 'Ok' option to save the changes.  

Method 4. Download from Microsoft Store

If you are facing an issue of missing the Windows 11 snipping tool, try searching for the option of 'Snip & Sketch.' However, you will find the integration of the two options already embedded in Windows 11 and then search for a snipping tool.  

Step 1. Tap the 'Windows+S' keys to open the Search option. Then start typing Microsoft Store. Then tap on the search result with relevance.

download snipping tool from microsoft store

Step 2. Search for the 'Snipping Tools' option and tap on the 'Install' option to get it.

Step 3. Now, if you see the installation completed, you can open it seamlessly and access the Snipping tool.

Method 5. Using a Professional Software as an Alternative

EaseUS RecExperts is a professional Windows screen recorder that can perfectly work as an alternative if you find Windows 11 snipping tool missing. It helps capture any area on a PC screen besides the webcam and audio. You can also get recordings of all highlights of gameplay, whether it seamlessly is in 2D or 3D without a lag. Finally, you get an enhanced experience with media player and video editor facilities.

EaseUS RecExperts

Final Words

We hope you can resolve the Windows 11 snipping tool missing issue with our suggested fixes. If you need help with the fixes, do not get upset. Instead, we recommend EaseUs RecExperts as a professional tool to help you with the issue. You can use its fantastic features of all-around screen recording in top-notch quality. It also helps with voice recording and a built-in screen-grabbing capability of full or any part of the screen.

FAQs About Windows Snipping Tool Missing

Check out the following FAQs for further questions about the Snipping tool.

1. How do I get the Snipping Tool back in Windows 11?

You can go for resetting or repairing the Snipping tool by following the steps:

  • Tap on Settings.
  • Make a selection of Apps and tap on Apps and features.
  • Locate the Snipping device and tap on the three-dot menu.
  • Tap on the Repair or 'Reset' option.

2. Why can't I find a Snipping Tool on Windows 11?

You may find the Snipping tool not working if its installation gets corrupted. It may also happen because of a glitch when you plan to upgrade to Windows 11. It may also occur when you try to perform a clean installation of an OS. In such a case, you can try reinstalling the snipping tool by following the given steps;

  • Tap on Windows-> Snipping tool.
  • Make right tap on it and make a selection of App settings.
  • By scrolling down, tap on the Uninstall option.
  • Confirm your action and restart the PC.
  • Tap on Windows and look for the Microsoft store.
  • Start locating Snip & Sketch.
  • Tap on the Get option and then on Install.
  • Wait for results and tap the Open option to see if the issue is resolved. 

3. Where is the Snipping Tool exe in Windows 11?

The Snipping tool exe occurs in the Windows folder in the C>Program Files>WindowsApps location. This Folder is highly protected and ensures that all store apps are free from any malware. 

If you want to open the exact path of the Snipping tool, then,

  • Tap on the Task Manager.
  • Make a selection from the 'Processes' tab.
  • Make a right tap on the column for the Command line. 
  • Make expansion of the process of the Snipping tool.

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