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If you are not satisfied with the default snipping tool for Windows, then you have come to the right place. Here, you will learn the best 5 snipping tool alternative for Windows. Now, start reading to find more information here.

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Jane Zhou Updated on Dec 30, 2022| min read

If you used to screenshot on your Windows PC, you must be familiar with Microsoft Snipping Tool. It is a built-in screen capture program on your PC since Windows Vista, which lets you capture and share your screen with your friends effortlessly.

However, it only offers basic features that don't include image editing tools, screen recording capabilities, cloud storage, etc. That's why most of you want to find the Snipping Tool alternatives for Windows. Given that, we have created a round-up of the best five snipping tools for Windows that can be downloaded for free. Now, let's get started!

#1. EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts ranks at the top of the list of snipping tools for Windows. It can run perfectly on your Windows PC (Windows 7 and later versions). Plus, if you want to find a Mac snipping tool, you can opt for this software, as it is also compatible with macOS.

This software allows you to snapshot your screen with one simple click, with customized sizes. Moreover, you also are able to create GIFs with its help. Actually, the screenshot is just a tiny part of its features, and EaseUS RecExperts provides a wide range of tools as below:

Record Screen:

Whether you want to record live streaming videos, video conferences, video calls, or gameplay, you can always rely on RecExperts, because it lets you capture everything on your screen. Besides, it offers you options to capture your screen in full or partial flexibly.

EaseUS RecExperts - snipping tool for Windows

Record Audio:

Another highlight is the audio recording function. In the Audio mode, you can choose to capture system sound, microphone, or both simultaneously, then export it in various formats.

Record Webcam:

Webcam recording is available, as well. You can use it to create a video CV, make tutorial videos, etc., without any hassle.

#2. PicPick

Another Windows snipping tool is PicPick, and it is available on all Windows. This software lets you take screenshots on a full screen, an active window, or a scrolling window on your desktop. Once done, you can edit the captured image with text, arrows, shapes, stamps, or many tools in the Edit tab. If needed, you can also add effects, resize, or rotate the images with one simple click.

Last but not least, this snipping tool provides multiple ways to save, share, or send your screenshots, including Web, email, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Snipping tool - picpick


  • Take snapshots in different modes
  • Enhance the screenshots with plentiful effects and editing tools
  • Allow setting hotkeys for snapshotting 
  • Share images on social platforms

#3. Jing

Jing is a free and lightweight snipping tool for Windows 10, providing enough features to easily create your own desktop recordings. All the images and videos can be pushed to screencast and then share with friends or colleagues later.

Unlike other snipping tools, Jing has an easy and fantastic user interface and takes fewer system resources. Using it, you might feel like you are just using an application on a mobile screen. 

Jing - snipping tool

Key features:

  • Simple and excellent interface
  • Provide extra editing tools, like text, colors, miniature graphics
  • Share screenshots on Facebook
  • Hide when capturing files

#4. Snagit

Snagit is an excellent tool you cannot miss when it comes to snipping. This Windows snipping tool lets you take panoramic shots that can capture scrolling webpages or make videos using screenshots and audio.

More than that, it enables you to extract text from a screenshot so that you can use it in other documents. It is also worth mentioning that this software includes a dozen integrations with products like Microsoft, Google Drive, Facebook, etc.


Key features:

  • Available for both Windows and Mac
  • Offer lots of annotations tools for capturing
  • One click to record screen and videos

#5. ShareX

The last Windows snipping tool is ShareX, which is entirely open-source and lightweight. You can use it to snapshot on an entire screen, partial screen, or even a scrolling screen. This freeware not only allows you to take screenshots but also edit the images or videos by adding effects. 

Apart from that, it is integrated with OCR technology. That means you can easily get the text from your screenshots and paste it into other documents. Is it not cool? If you have these requirements, get ShareX now.

Snipping tool for Windows - ShareX

Key features:

  • Allow recording and snapshotting 
  • OCR technology is available
  • Act as a color picker, image combiner, and DNS changer

Final Words

Here, you can learn five outstanding snipping tools for Windows, and get them for free. Which one do you prefer? If you want to find an open-source snapshot tool, ShareX is a nice option. If you are searching for a versatile program combining both recording and snapshotting, look no more than EaseUS RecExperts. It will simplify your work!

FAQs About Snipping Tool for Windows

#1. Does Windows 10 have a Snipping Tool?

Yes, Windows 10 does have a snipping tool called Snip & Sketch. It allows you to take screenshots with simple clicks. However, this freeware cannot save your images as a JPG or GIF file. So if you have some advanced requirements, you can opt for some third-party software.

#2. What is the best free Snipping Tool?

Everyone has a different definition of the best free Snipping Tool. So, here we picked out the top 5 ones:

  • EaseUS RecExperts
  • ShareX
  • PicPick
  • Jing
  • Snagit

#3. Is there a free Snipping Tool?

Yes. For basic work, the built-in Snip & Sketch for Windows lets you screenshot for free. If you have some other needs like editing or sharing, you can opt for ShareX.

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