How to Screenshot Netflix without Black Screen [5 Tested Methods✅]

Do you, like every Netflix buff, want to save some scenes from your favorite show? If so, read this blog to learn how to screenshot Netflix without a black screen. Let's start here.

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Jane Zhou

Updated on Apr 15, 2024

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Netflix is the world's most popular subscription-based video streaming service, which offers thousands of movies, anime, TV Shows, and documentaries. Sometimes, while watching, you want to share a beautiful landscape, caption, or heart-touching scene with your friends.

In all such cases, the best option is to take a screenshot. But due to piracy issues, when you attempt a screenshot, the app shows a black screen. In this article, you will learn how to take a screenshot from Netflix on all operating devices (PC, Android, MacBook, iPhone, etc.) without any trouble.

Can You Screenshot Netflix?

Netflix officially doesn't allow to take screenshots of its content or screen record Netflix. If you try to take a screenshot, it will either show an idle black screen or a prompt message of "Couldn't Capture Screenshot". The reason is quite simple; copyright issues.

Without copyright policy, the users can record Netflix content and create their own copy for online earning. The content is the intellectual property of Netflix; nobody should misuse it for cheap profit. But is there a way to take Netflix screenshots for recreational activities? The answer is Yes.

is it legal to record Netflix

Is It Illegal to Screen Record Netflix

Before recording or taking screenshots, it's very important to learn if it is legal to capture content from Netflix. For more information, move to this post. Read more >>

How to Screenshot Netflix Without Black Screen

There are many third-party applications and built-in programs which can screenshot Netflix without a black screen. However, based on quality and availability, we have short-listed these five methods for you.

🛠️Method 👍Effectiveness 🙉Difficult Level
EaseUS RecExperts High Very Easy
Turn off Hardware Acceleration Medium Moderate
Disable Display Adapter Low Easy
Install the Fireshot Extension High Easy
Use The Sandbox app Medium Moderate

Method 1. Use a Professional Capture Software

The first method to screenshot Netflix content is to utilize professional capture software. They can capture any part of the screen with ease. We recommend using EaseUS RecExperts for this.

The award-winning screen recorder can capture full, half, or partial Netflix screens. The screenshots can be saved in Jpeg or GIF Format. You can use hotkeys for quick screenshots. All screenshots can be automatically saved in the recording list. Besides screenshots, this software can record audio and videos. It offers a 4K/8K Media player and an AI-Powered noise remover to offer high quality.

how to screenshot netflix without black screen

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Method 2. Turn off Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration feature improves overall computer performance by quickly loading videos and landing pages. In most systems, the feature is Turn On by default. However, sometimes this feature takes notice of copyright infringements and stops you from taking screenshots.

To screenshot Netflix, you need to turn off hardware acceleration first. Here is a step-by-step guide for it.

Step 1. Locate the three-dot icon present at the top right of your Google Chrome screen. Right-click it and select Settings.

Step 2. After this, Go to the system section.

Step 3. Turn off the option of Use Hardware Acceleration when available present on the right side.

Use Hardware Acceleration when available 

Step 4. Now click on Relaunch to restart your Chrome browser.

Step 5. Now open your Netflix and take a screenshot. If the black screen doesn't show, your job is done.

Method 3. Disable Display Adapter

Netflix blocks the content after seeking help from your computer's graphic card. For some videos, you can bypass the black screen problem by disabling the display adapters.

This is how you can disable the display adapter of your system

Step 1. Click the Start icon on your computer's home page and select Device Manager.

Step 2. From the device manager, open the display adapter list.

Step 3. Look for your graphic card and right-click on it to see available options.

Step 4. Select "Disable Device" here.

Disable Display Adapter

Step 5. Click "Yes" for confirmation. Take a Screenshot to see if the issue has been resolved.

Note: Always keep in mind that you can't disable the adapter for long. Once you take a screenshot, you should always enable your display adapter. Otherwise, it will stop high-graphic videos and games from running on your system.

Method 4. Install the Fireshot Extension

This solution can only work for Google Chrome users. FireShot is a Chrome extension that can take screenshots from all streaming apps, including Netflix. It is a small app with a user-friendly interface. You can get unlimited screenshots of any selected region without buying any premium subscription.

The process of installing Fireshot is as follows.

Step 1. Go to the Chrome web store.

Step 2. Search for "Fireshot". After finding it, select the "Add to Chrome" option.

Add to Chrome Extension

Step 3. The app will be installed.

Step 4. Now open Netflix and choose any region for a screenshot. It will provide the desired results with ease.

Method 5. Use The Sandbox app

Sandbox is an application that provides an isolated environment to other applications. Any application running in Sandbox doesn't get affected by other programs, malware, and system properties. Since Netflix uses graphics to stop from taking screenshots, you can run it on the Sandbox app. This stops all outside influence on Netflix, allowing you to take screenshots.

Step 1. Download and install the latest Sandbox app on your system.

Step 2. Open the app and select the Sandbox option.

Step 3. Now choose Sandbox> Default Box > Run Sandboxed > Run Web Browser.

 Sandbox> Default Box > Run Sandboxed > Run Web Browser

Step 4. It will open your default browser in the Sandbox. Confirm it after seeing the yellow border around it.

Step 5. Open Netflix on the browser and press Windows+ PrtScn for a screenshot. It will capture the screen without any delay.

Final Words

Netflix is the world's leading video streaming app. People love to watch TV shows, Videos, Documentaries, and all types of content in it. They also like to save and share its content for gossiping, memes, and other recreational activities. However, whenever you take a screenshot, it only shows an idle black screen.

 This article provides 5 authentic methods to take Netflix screenshots without any black screen. The detailed steps and pictures of each method have been presented. You can choose any method as per requirement. Based on personal experience, we recommend you to use EaseUS RecExperts, as it provides the best results with no hiccups. Download the EaseUS RexExperts now and let the fun begin.  

Take a Screenshot of Netflix without Black Screen FAQs

These are the most frequently asked questions about our topic on the web

1. Why do screenshots of Netflix turn black?

The screenshot of Netflix due to its copyright policy. Netflix doesn't allow its users to capture or record its content. That's why whenever you try a screenshot, it turns black.

2. How do I bypass Netflix's black screen when recording?

There are many ways to bypass Netflix's black screen. However, the easiest option is to use a quality capturing software like EaseUS Rex Experts, which can provide unlimited Netflix recordings in 4k/8k quality.

3. Does Netflix have anti screen record?

Yes, Netflix doesn't allow screen recording. It uses DRM, Digital Rights Management, as an anti-screen record. However, it can be bypassed with third-party software or adjustment in system features.

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