How to Screen Record on Chromebook with Audio🏅All Tips Offered

Learn how to screen record on Chromebook with audio using a recording tool & Google Extensions and some easy tips to record & troubleshoot recordings smartly.

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Updated on Feb 04, 2024

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Are you curious about how to screen record on Chromebook with audio? I have brought you some amazing tips to start recording the screen and you do not even require any technical skill for that. Discover with us the different sources of taking screen captures in Chrome that you have been searching for!

First, Chromebook, is a faster and easier alternative to computers. It has a "ChromeOS" operating system, known for its best security and cloud storage features. For students, professionals, and online content creators, Google integrated a screen recording tool with audio into ChromeOS to make virtual learning convenient.

For beginners of this budget laptop who are learning to use it for screen recording an audio or video, this article is for you. In today's step by step by step guide, EaseUS will discuss all these possibilities of screen capture to help you record lessons, presentations, reports, etc. for reference purposes.

Can You Screen Record on Chromebook with Audio?

Definitely yes. The user has the option to record a screen with audio, a built-in recording tool, and a Google extension. With this feature of screen capture on Chromebook, you can record YouTube videos, games, sports broadcasts, or other forms of entertainment or informational content. It is also possible for users to record just one tab in Chrome.

✏️You can screen record on Chromebook with audio by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1. Press and hold "Ctrl + Shift + Overview Key"; it will launch the snipping tool for screen recording or open the status area to select "Capture Screen".

ctrl + shift + overview key

Step 2. The snipping tool will appear above the bottom menu bar of your screen. You will select the "Camcorder Icon" to proceed further with screen recording.

camcorder icon

Step 3. By default, the tool will select the "Record Partial Screen" in which you will choose the "Plus-shaped Cross Hair Icon" to customize the area of the screen you want to record.

record partial screen

Step 4. Lastly, click on the "Gear option" in the sniping tool menu bar to open the toggle on the "Record Microphone" and start recording the screen with audio.

record microphone

🚨Here are some notes about screen recording that you need to know:

  • Screen recorders do not record the screen with microphone by default
  • "Dashed-square" icon will help you record the full screen
  • Record window will be used to record the content on a particular app or window; you can record the content of one app or window without closing the remaining ones
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Screen Record on Chromebook without Extension in 2023

The Screen Capture feature allows you to opt for full-screen, partial-screen, and windows modes for screen recording. 

screen record on chromebook without extension

Screen Record on Chromebook with Built-in Recording Tool

The users of ChromeOS 89 or above can screen record on Chromebook with its built-in recording tool. It is easier and simpler to follow. However, it lacks some advanced features.

✏️To access the built-in recording tool for screen recording on Chromebook, you will:

Step 1. Open Chrome and the website you want to screen record with audio.

Step 2. Press the "Ctrl + Shift + I" keys together to open "Developer Tools".

Step 3. Next to the network tab, there is the "Record Button".

Step 4. By clicking on the record button, the screen recording will start. To stop screen recording, you will again press the "Ctrl + Shift + I" keys and click on the "Stop Button".

If you do not find the "screen capture" option there, you will expand the menu by clicking on the "up arrow" and dragging the icon to bring it to the bottom menu shelf for future use.

Screen Record on Chromebook with Google Extension

To screen record on Chromebook with a Google extension, you will first install any of the top-ranked extensions such as "Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder". It will appear in the upper right corner of the icon "Extensions," along with other extensions.

✏️While starting the recording screen, you will simply:

Step 1. Go to the "Extensions" icon present on the top-right corner of your Chrome screen.

Step 2. Click on the "Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder" and choose between "Record or Capture".

Troubleshoot Chromebook Screen Recording Problems

As a novice, the users of Chromebook may face certain problems while screen recording with audio. Here is a list of the problems you may come across while video recording or with screen-recorded videos on a Chromebook. In each part, we will give you a specific solution. Read through and find your answers. 

Cannot Find the Screen Recording Tool

For the very first time, you need to find and pin the screen recording tool for Chromebook.

✏️To solve this problem, you need to:

Step 1. Go to the bottom right shelf where battery, WIFI, etc. options are present.

Step 2. Click on the "shelf" and "up arrow" to expand the menu bar.

Step 3. Select and drag "Capture Screen" to bring it to the bottom menu bar.

⚠️You can also pin the icon. For that, keep the cursor on the icon and click right. There will have an option to pin to the taskbar. Click on that option.

Chromebook Not Recording Audio

In case your recordings have no audio, there is the possibility that your Chromebook's microphone is muted.

✏️To unmute the microphone:

Step 1. Click on the "Settings or Gear Icon" displayed by the snipping tool.

Step 2. Turn on the microphone and start recording.

Step 3. On the other hand, you can also turn your Chromebook's built-in microphone volume lower or higher. For that:

Step 4. Open the "Status bar" and click on the arrow next to the volume slider.

status bar

Step 5. Move the slider to higher or lower the volume.

higher or lower volume

Chromebook Not Saving Screen Recordings

Are you unable to find your screen recordings on your Chromebook? Chromebook is designed to save all screen recordings in the "Downloads" folder by default. If you could not find the recordings even in downloads, there is the possibility that your Chromebook may run out of space.

Pro Tip: How to Screen Record on Windows or Mac

Screen recording on Windows or Mac with EaseUS RecExperts is one of the simplest ways. This all-in-one powerful screen recording software allows audio, video, gaming, and webcam recording. It features multiple screen recording options that make it ideal for recording Chromebook screens with audio for students, businessmen, gamers, etc.

easeus recexperts

Its user-friendly interface, free-to-use, and customized screen recording options serve as a cherry on the cake. Some of its additional features include the following:


Winding up our today's guide here about "How to Screen Record on Chromebook with Audio", I hope that you have got the solution to all of your problems with screen capture in Chrome. You have 2 options to record and save screen with audio on your Chromebook, including Built-in Recorder and Chrome Extensions. The former is the simplest way of screen recording, while the latter is a more versatile and free-of-cost screen recording tool.

In this post, EaseUS also has discussed the solutions step by step to resolve the issues like "hidden recording tool, Chromebook causing trouble in recording screen, and lost screen recordings". Give EaseUS RecExperts a try, and you will know how convenient this software is. Let me know in the comments if you have a query to be resolved or if the guide was helpful or not.


1. Can you use a Chromebook to record the screen?

Yes. To record the screen on Chromebook, you will go to the "Quick Setting" menu in the bottom right corner and select "Screen Capture". Another short way of screen recording on Chromebook is using "Ctrl + Shift + Overview Key".

2. How to take a screenshot on a school Chromebook?

To take a screenshot on a school Chromebook, open Chrome, go to the 3 dot menu on the upper right corner of the screen, and click on "More Tools". It will have the "Take Screenshot" option. Taken screenshot will show on the bottom right corner of your screen, you can further edit this screenshot by simply clicking on it.

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