(Top 3 Method) How to Record Only One Tab in Chrome

Recording only one tab in Chrome is tricky, but it is feasible if you use the right tools, as it saves a lot of computer resources and makes the recording more focused on the content. The article discusses the software tools like EaseUS RecExperts to help you record a single Chrome tab with detailed steps.

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There can be many reasons why people want to record a chrome tab, especially one tab. If you are recording a single tab instead of the whole screen, it uses fewer resources, improving the system's efficiency. It gives you more control over what you want to record and the camera you need. It also helps you to record and emphasize the content you want to capture. This works for an online tutorial, a streaming platform, an explanation video, or a presentation. 

But how can we capture or record any single browser tab? Well, it gets a little tricky if you are not tech-savvy, especially if you want to capture only one tab in Chrome. This article will discuss how to record only one tab in Chome using inbuilt features and video capture software. Let's dive into it.

Record One Tab in Chrome with Professional Screen Recorder

EaseUS RecExperts is a professional screen recorder tool to record and capture your screen. You can record your screen for gameplay, online tutorials, and screen record encrypted videos on streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many more. The features include recording the screen, audio, webcam, and a dedicated audio recording software to record the system and microphone's sound. The built-in tools like video editor, video cutter, and screenshot software add immense value to the tool.

If you wish to record one chrome tab, you can use this screen recorder for select region or browser tab recording. You can trim and edit the videos with the help of an inbuilt editor. All of this is assembled with the help of a simple UI to complete everything in just a few clicks, without any watermarks.

Key Features of EaseUS RecExperts:

  • All-round and selected region recordings
  • Record your webcam and audio along with the screen
  • Records 4K UHD videos up to 144 fps in multiple formats
  • A value-added video editor and video cutter for free, along with the software

Here's how to record screen with EaseUS RecExperts:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts on your computer. Before recording, you can choose from two recording modes. To record the whole screen, choose the "Full Screen" mode; to record a part of the screen, select "Region".

Choose a Recording Mode

Step 2. You can also choose to record the screen with your webcam, system sound, microphone. Just click to select them. You can also set auto split, auto recording with various functions on the interface.

Record with Webcam and Audio

Step 3. Then, click on the red "REC" button to start recording. To pause the recording, click on the white double vertical bar; to end the recording, click on the red square sign. They are located on the menu bar appearing on your screen.

Pause or Stop Recording

Step 4. After recording, you will be led to the recording list. Here you can view, split, extract audio, take screenshots, ans manage your recordings, etc. To start a new recording with previous settings, click on the "REC" button on the top of the window.

Recording List Window

Record Chrome Tab via Xbox Game Bar

The Xbox Game Bar is an inbuilt tool introduced into the Windows ecosystem from the windows 10 OS to record the screen for gameplay, connect with friends, monitor the CPU and GPU activity, and many more. Originally designed to record gameplay on the Windows OS, but allows the recording of regular desktop apps on the system available on the Microsoft Store.

Step 1. Open the Google Chrome Tab you want to record on your PC.

Step 2. Press Windows + G to activate the game bar.

Step 3. A prompt asking the permission will appear, saying, "Do you want to open Game Bar?" check the "Yes, this is a game" checkbox to launch the game bar. 

Use game bar to record Chrome tab

Step 4. Press the Capture button on the Game Bar widget and click on Start Recording. You can also use Windows + Alt + R to capture the screen.

Step 5. You can use the Red Dot on the floating widget to stop the recording. If the widget disappears, press Windows + Alt + G to bring it back.

Use the Red Button to stop

You can find the recorded videos under the captures subfolder or the Game DVR menu in the Xbox app. You can personalize your recording preferences under the Settings > Gaming > Captures section.

Record Specific Tab in Chrome with Screencastify

Screencastify is another Chrome screen recorder extension that allows us to record a single tab of Google Chrome. The best thing is that it is a chrome extension, takes very little space, is lightweight, and is one of the few software tools that allow editing recorded videos. You can not only record the chrome tab, but Screencastify lets you capture your desktop and other windows applications.

To add the extension to your Google Chrome browser, click the link above and click on the Add to Chrome button. After installing the extension, pin the extension onto the browser for quick access.

Now, let us look at the steps we need to follow to record the screen using the Screencastify extension:

Step 1. Click on the Extension. You can see it in the top-right corner of your screen. A new tab opens with a Google sign-in pop-up; use your Google account to sign in to your account.

Step 2. The following pop-up asks you to Grant access to your Google Drive. This option lets you save your video directly to Google Drive, and this makes it easy for you to share the file with others.

Step 3. You need to give media access to the extension for the webcam, microphone, and other essential stools. 

Step 4. After completing the setup. To begin the recording, click on the Screencastify extension in the top right corner and choose what you want to record, whether the browser tab, desktop, to the webcam. Now, on the next screen, click on Record to start recording. Use the below shortcuts to control the recording.

  • Start/Stop - Alt + Shift + R
  • Pause/Resume _ Alt + Shift + P

Step 5. Select the video source from the three available options.

  • Browser Tab - Records Chrome Browser Tab
  • Desktop - You can either record a region or the whole display of your computer.
  • Webcam only

Record using the tool

Choose Browser Tab, start recording, and a new tab with preview and edit options opens after recording. You can edit and trim the video, and after completing, Screencastify uploads the video directly to Google Drive.

The Final Verdict

Recording one tab in Chrome is a helpful way to use your resources efficiently and focus more on the recording content. And if you are wondering how to record only one tab in Chrome, many tools are available to record your screen, including inbuilt tools like Xbox Game Bar.

But the built-in tools and Chrome extensions can never live up to the standards and features of a whole application like EaseUS RecExperts to give out the best quality videos with many built-in tools for editing and exporting. Download EaseUS RecExperts to record all types of media seamlessly on your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequent FAQs asked on the topic. If you have similar queries hope this will help you. You can also post your questions in the comment box.

1. How do I record a specific tab?

To record a specific tab on Google Chrome or any browser, you can use the software tools like Screencastify. It is a Chrome extension; you can download and add it to our Browser. Add the extension, select the web browser recording, and start the recording to begin and end the process. All the recordings taken through this tool will be automatically saved to our Google Drive, making it easy for users to share with others.

2. How do I record just part of my browser window?

You can use OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software), one of the most popular open source screen recorder. Primarily used by gamers to record and broadcast gameplay. To record a part of your screen, launch the app, select the sub-region options, and drag the corners and sides of the box to select the recording area according to your requirements. Now, you can start and end the recording as per your requirements.

3. How do I record a specific tab in Windows 10?

To record a specific tab or the desktop screen on Windows 10, you can use the built-in tool, the Xbox Game Bar. It is exclusively introduced into the Windows ecosystem to capture, record and monitor the CPU and GPU activity of the OS. You can search the tool using the Seach bar or invoke the tool using the shortcut keys Windows + G.

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