Top 13 YouTube Recorder for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android

Are you looking for reliable YouTube recording software to capture YouTube videos? Here on this page, we have collected the top 13 best YouTube recorders for Windows, Mac, Online, Android, and iPhone. The most recommended one is EaseUS RecExperts, download it right now!

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Updated on May 30, 2024

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Do you want to record YouTube videos with a few clicks? It's exciting to record favored YouTube videos like game videos, tutorial videos, movies, music videos, etc., and save them as your collection. Unlike YouTube downloaders, an effective YouTube video recorder can be more flexible as users can record a whole video or only a part of the target video.

So what is the best YouTube recording software? Here we collected the top 13 video capture software, and tested them in various aspects, including the UI, quality, usage, etc. Now, let's look at the dedicated testing statistics so that you can find the one that suits your needs best.


Best YouTube Recorder for Windows and Mac [7 Picks]

Some Windows users may have known about the built-in screen recorder for Windows 10, named Game Bar. It supports capturing screenshots and game videos. However, it may not be the best choice for its limited recording time. To satisfy most Windows users' demand for recording YouTube videos, this post has collected the 4 best YouTube recording software to capture fascinating YouTube videos.

# 1. EaseUS RecExperts

  • Compatibility: Windows/Mac
  • Best for: People who want a simple and comprehensive YouTube recorder

EaseUS RecExperts is one of the most popular YouTube video recorder tools on the market. This Mac and Windows screen recorder can help capture your favorite YouTube videos without effort and save the recordings as high-quality videos.

Besides, it can record YouTube live stream, capture streaming audio, or record a webcam effectively. Also, it can be an effective internal audio recorder to capture the YouTube app sound on a Mac.

Looking for more advanced features? Download this YouTube recording software with NO registration.

More reasons to choose EaseUS RecExperts:

  • Record YouTube videos and shorts without a limit
  • Capture any area of your screen according to your needs
  • Record YouTube videos and audio simultaneously
  • Provide Auto-split and Auto-stop to make recording easier
  • Export YouTube video recordings in MP4, MKV, AVI, etc.

choose the enhanced mode EaseUS RecExperts

 Software review⭐⭐⭐⭐
EaseUS RecExperts isn't the cheapest screen recording software around, but it boasts a wide range of features like 4k resolution, 60 fps recording, and audio capture.
_____By Michael Graw, from TechRadar

# 2. Snagit

  • Compatibility: Windows/Mac
  • Best for: Beginners who need to capture YouTube videos and re-make them better

Like Camtasia, Snagit is produced by the same company - TechSmith, enabling users to capture a process, recording screen, or how-to guide tutorial videos on YouTube with ease. Apart from being a YouTube video recorder, it also enables users to create videos from templates with pre-made layouts. 



  • Support recording screen, webcam, and audio
  • Convert recorded videos like YouTube videos into an animated GIF
  • Screen record on YouTube TV on Windows and Mac


  • Support only one format to export videos
 Software review⭐⭐⭐⭐
Snagit continues its reign as the screen-capture utility of choice. The app costs more than competitors, but its strong and versatile toolset remains unmatched.
_____By Jeffrey L. Wilson, from PCMag

➡️Have a quick check on this video tutorial:

# 3. Camtasia

  • Compatibility: Windows/Mac
  • Best for: Experienced or ordinary users who need to edit and add effects after recording YouTube videos

Compared to Flashback Express and Bandicam, Camtasia is more advanced in video recording. It's more than a YouTube recorder and it's flexible to change the recording settings and adjust the recording window size. It also supports you to record screen and webcam or microphone. 

Camtasia offers some advanced video editing features as a comprehensive video editing software to assist users in adding effects, text, transitions, etc., fantastic features to the target video. 



  • Record YouTube video without webcam
  • Video recording software for YouTube
  • Support built-in video editor with captions, callouts, quizzes, etc.
  • Support 30-day free trial: record and edit videos for free in 30 days


  • The cost is high for ordinary users
 Software review⭐⭐⭐⭐
Interface is similar to Camtasia but did not take much time to customize as I wanted.
_____By Abdur, from Software Advice

🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻Join the Reddit discussion by clicking:

Recording for YouTube
by inyoutubegaming

# 4. Screencast-O-Matic

  • Compatibility: Windows/Mac
  • Best for: Users who want to record short videos or part of a YouTube video with 15 minutes

Screencast-O-Matic is more than a YouTube video recording software that lets you capture any area of your screen. With it, you can add narration from your microphone and video from a webcam. All you need is to download a launcher and then double-click the weblaunchrecorder.exe file to start recording your favorite YouTube videos with sound.

Screencast O Matic


  • Support voice narration
  • Allow sharing recorded videos to YouTube
  • Support draw and zoom videos and images
  • Able to record YouTube audio


  • Only support 15 minutes of recording 
 Software review⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
They are the "right" people supporting the "right" mission. It's the Staple's easy button for education. It's simple, robust, free, and incredibly versatile. It is the unicorn of technology tools.
_____By Martin M., from

# 5. Flashback Express

  • Compatibility: Windows
  • Best for: Windows beginners to capture YouTube videos

Flashback Express, produced by Blueberry Software, is an amazing YouTube recording software that allows you to record webcam, your screen, sounds, etc. Users can flexibly adjust the window's size while recording the YouTube video in three modes - full screen, region, and windows.

Besides video recording, Flashback Express also supports some simple editing features, like trimming, adding captions, arrows, images, etc. Users can even add commentary and music for recorded videos.

Flashback Express


  • No time limit or watermark
  • Work as the best YouTube recording software


  • The limited video editing feature
 Software review⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Flashback allows us to quickly and easily record virtual training sessions for reuse. The tool is easy to use and allows us to distribute the recording tasks to just about anyone in the company if necessary.
_____By Carl C., from G2

# 6. QuickTime Player

  • Compatibility: Mac
  • Best for: Beginners who need to take high-quality video capture on YouTube or Mac computer

QuickTime Player is a macOS built-in media player that supports playing and converting videos on Mac. Mac users also use it as a YouTube video recorder with its screen recording feature. Besides video recording, it also enables Mac users to record voice or audio with the microphone.

Mac users can also use the Show Mouse Clicks in Recording feature to highlight the point when recording a tutorial YouTube video on Mac.

YouTube recording software - QuickTime Player


  • Work as a free YouTube video recorder
  • Record a Zoom meeting without permission
  • Support screen recording and voice recording


  • Lack of video editing features
 Software review⭐⭐⭐⭐
QuickTime Pro isn't a full-fledged video editor like Apple iMovie or Pinnacle Studio DV, but it offers rudimentary tools for patching together streaming clips. For example, you can use QuickTime 6.0 to stitch together digital videos of all your kids' birthday parties and put a streaming version on your site. Or, use the app to create a simple slide show--mixing text slides, photos, and a soundtrack--and e-mail it to colleagues across the country.
_____By CNET Reviews staff, from CNET

# 7. Bandicam

  • Compatibility: Windows
  • Best for: Beginners who need to record YouTube tutorial videos with some extra editing features

Unlike Flashback Express, Bandicam is a sophisticated YouTube video recorder that supports multiple features to make your recorded videos interesting and alive. 

Bandicam mainly supports three recording modes - Screen Recording, Game Recording, and Device Recording. It can meet most users' needs for recording different types of videos on Windows PC. 



  • It supports real-time drawing, adds webcam overlay, schedules recording, mixes voice, adds mouse effects, etc.
  • Adjust the window size - full screen, region, webcam, and microphone
  • Allow you to record MP3 from YouTube


  • Lack of built-in video editor
 Software review⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Bandicam is great software to record and post videos of the quality you like. It is a very useful product.
_____By Tinotenda K., from Capterra

Online YouTube Recording Software [4 Options]

For those who don't want to download a third-party YouTube screen recording software on Windows or Mac but want to capture a high-quality YouTube video for free, an online YouTube video recorder is a good choice.

In this part, you will find the top three free online YouTube recorders available. If you have the same demand, check and get it to capture your favorite YouTube videos online.

# 1. EaseUS Online Screen Recorder

  • Best for: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera users without much experience

If you want to record YouTube videos online, you can never miss EaseUS Online Screen Recorder. This is a screen recording tool that can record screens and webcams without download or installation. It is compatible with most commonly used browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera.

Although it is not as comprehensive as the offline version(EaseUS RecExperts), it is still a capable screen recording tool. You can use it to record any screen or window, a Chrome tab, or any activity with a camera for free.

It is an ideal choice for any content creator, freelancer, influencer, or business staff. You can even record picture-in-picture videos with a webcam at a customized background. Start recording with no lag and no watermark by following the steps below.

EaseUS Online Screen Recorder


  • Record sound from the system or microphone
  • Capture the entire screen activities
  • Record YouTube without a watermark


  • Limited functions compared to the desktop version
  • No advanced video editing features

# 2. Online Screen Recorder 

  • Best for: Windows and Mac beginners who need to take screenshots and record YouTube videos

Online Screen Recorder, produced by, is a 100% online free screen recorder for Windows and Mac users. It supports users to record YouTube videos, game videos, and tutorials for free on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers. Capturing YouTube videos is easy for this software. 

Online YouTube video recorder


  • 100% free for video recording
  • No time limit and watermark
  • Best YouTube recording software


  • Limited browser support, doesn't support Safari
  • No video editing features

# 3. Loom

  • Best for: Beginners who would like to record videos and send them quickly to their friends online

Loom is a Chrome-based online YouTube recorder that allows users to add Chrome extension and start recording YouTube videos for free.

Loom makes it easy for video sharing online via links. If you feel like using it on your Windows or Mac computers, you can also download the program version to capture screen movements with ease.

YouTube recorder online


  • Screenshot YouTube easily
  • Support video sharing via links
  • Support serving as a YouTube audio recorder


  • It only supports Chrome

# 4. Screencastify

  • Best for: Users who need to record and edit the video simply

Screencastify is a Chrome YouTube recording software. It lets you do lots of screen recording activities in a browser directly. Working with this online screen recorder, you can record your desktop, browser tab, and webcam effortlessly. What's more, it enables you to narrate with your microphone or embed a webcam while capturing the screen. All the recorded videos will be saved in full HD resolution.

YouTube recorder online


  • Work in your browser
  • Record screen, webcam, and audio flexibly
  • Offer basic video editing tools
  • Support sharing the recordings to social media platforms


  • Can't select the recording area

Best App to Record YouTube Videos for Android/iPhone [2 Picks]

Many people like to record and share videos on their cell phones. Many YouTube fans even want to play and screen record on an Android. If you are looking for a reliable and best YouTube recorder for your cellphone, check the recommended tools below. You can record YouTube videos and your screen like a Pro.

# 1. iPhone Built-in Recorder

  • Best for: iPhone and iPad users to record short YouTube videos and screen movements

Screen Recording is a built-in iOS feature available on iOS 11 and later versions. It's also available on iPadOS. Users can create a screen recording and capture sound on iPhone, iPad, and iPad for free. To record a YouTube video, you can enable it and then play the YouTube video to start the recording process.

However, you need to notice that this default YouTube recording app cannot capture app sound. 

YouTube video recorder on iPhone


  • Easy to use and100% free
  • A built-in screen recorder on an iOS device


  • Lack of video editing feature
  • The intro and outro background on the iPhone will be recorded 

# 2. AZ Screen Recorder 

  • Best for: Android users who need to capture screen movements and short videos on cell phones and trim the video

AZ Screen Recorder is an Android-based YouTube recorder app that supports screen capture, screen video recording, video editing, and even live stream screen. Android users can use this app to record YouTube videos, video calls, game videos, live shows, etc., for free.

AZ Screen Recorder


  • Support recording 1080p video
  • No time limit
  • No root needed


  • Doesn't compatible with old Android OS (5.0 older) 
 Software review⭐⭐⭐⭐
AZ Screen Recorder is a reliable and high-quality screen recorder with audio. It has many features, including screen recording, screen capture, video editor, and live streaming. This screen recording app lets you create and share gameplay videos, save video calls, or record videos that cannot be downloaded.
_____From Google Play

How to Choose YouTube Recording Software

Here are some criteria for choosing a YouTube recorder. You may take them as a reference.

💡Recording time limit: You'd better choose software that doesn't have a recording time limit, as you may need to edit the YouTube recording afterward.

💡Platform limitations: Sometimes, you may also need to record on video platforms other than YouTube. Unfortunately, some platforms block screen recording. Therefore, you need to choose a screen recorder that can break through these limitations.

💡Ease of use: You should choose software that is easy to use so that you don't waste too much time getting familiar with it.

💡Cost-effective: Considering the features, screen recording quality, and price. Then, choose the most cost-effective software.

💡After-sales service: When buying software, you must choose a brand that provides good after-sales service.

To sum up, EaseUS RecExperts is your best bet. Click the button below to download it now!


After following this page, you should have surely found a useful YouTube recorder to record videos on Windows, Mac, online, or on cell phones. Among all the above-recommended recording tools, EaseUS RecExperts is the best recording software for YouTube on Windows and Mac for its fantastic functionalities.

FAQs about Best YouTube Recorder

Some frequently asked questions are gathered from the public. Look at them and find a helpful solution. 

1. Can I record from YouTube?

Yes, you can record from YouTube with great YouTube video recording software, like EaseUS RecExperts, OBS Studio, etc. Below are steps to record video from YouTube with EaseUS RecExperts.

1. Download and launch EaseUS RecExperts. Then, open the YouTube video that you want to capture.

2. Click "Record Screen" to choose the recording area and set the audio resources. Once done, click the "REC" button to begin your recording.

3. When you are going to stop the recording, click the record button to end the recording. And the recorded video will be saved on your computer.

2. Does YouTube have recording software?

No, YouTube does not have a built-in video recorder. If you want to record your favorite videos on YouTube, try some third-party recorders like EaseUS RecExperts, OBS Studio, ShareX, Game Bar, QuickTime Player, etc.

3. What is the best YouTube video recorder?

YouTubers usually use some lightweight but full-featured YouTube capture software as below.

EaseUS RecExperts

One-click to capture anything on screen!

No Time Limit, No watermark

Start Recording

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