How to Fix Loom Not Working💡Desktop App and Chrome Extension

There are several reasons why Loom not working, but there are simple fixes you can try to fix it. The post includes reasons and practical solutions to fix the Loom not working problems and the best Loom alternative.

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Updated on Jan 08, 2024

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Loom is a great choice for Screen Recording with great features. It is easy to use, intuitive, records screen and audio with great quality, clicks screenshots, and creates instantly sharable recordings. Even with such outstanding features, users somehow tend to face Loom not working problems and look for solutions to fix them.

If you are facing issues and trying to fix Loom not working, this article provided by EaseUS discusses the practical fixes and the reasons behind them. Read till the end to know the reasons and fixes for both the desktop app and Chrome extension.

Several Situations of Loom Desktop App Not Working

Here are some of the common Loom desktop application problems and the possible reasons behind them.

⚠️Loom Desktop Not Recording Screen

The most common issue is the Loom desktop not recording screen issue. There may be many underlying issues causing this problem. Most users face the static picture in the webcam error when they add the webcam overlay. This happens if multiple apps are using the webcam at a time. 

Sometimes, the recording properties and the infection/firewall restriction on third-party apps also cause recording issues. If you are using an outdated graphics card or issues with your monitor may also be the culprit.

⚠️Loom Not Recording Computer Audio

This happens due to two reasons, one is because of your microphone issues, and the other is when the required permissions for the Loom app are not met on your system. If the sound is sluggish or out of sync, it could be an underlying issue with the app. 

⚠️Loom Stuck on Uploading

Loom Stuck on Uploading is another issue related to firewall apps on your Windows. Any third-party app will undergo some security check on the PC and will result in such errors. And sometimes, if your computer is an organization/school restriction one, you may face issues while transferring or saving to a video record data from the app.

5 Ways to Fix Loom Desktop Not Working

Here we will give you five ways to help you fix the Loom not working problem. Try these fixes one after another. I'm sure you will find your answers here. 

  1. Fix 1. Check the External Device
  2. Fix 2. Restart PC
  3. Fix 3. Check Loom Update
  4. Fix 4. Reinstall Loom Desktop App
  5. Fix 5. Update the Graphics Driver 

Fix 1. Check the External Device

Many times while screen recording, people forget to check the external peripherals like microphone, monitor, and connected devices. Even if you fix the internal errors, you will again face Loom not working errors. So, please check whether they are properly connected or not, and make sure they are enabled on your device to work or be compatible with the Loom.

You can read this passage provided by EaseUS to see how to record your screen with external microphones

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record with microphone

Fix 2. Restart PC

If there are any minor issues or software glitches on your system, a simple restart can fix it. At some point, when an app or the system freezes or lags, we restart our PC.

👉For Windows:

Step 1. Click on the Windows key or the Windows (Start icon) on your taskbar.

Step 2. Click on the Power button.

Step 3. Select Restart from the options.

restart your windows

👉For Mac:

Step 1. Open the Apple Menu from the menu bar on your Mac.

Step 2. You can see a list of options; click on Restart to restart the Mac.

restart your mac

Fix 3. Check Loom Update

The next thing your can try is to check for updates on the Loom app. If there are any issues with the Loom desktop version, they will be rectified with the update.

Step 1. Open the Loom app on your computer, and click on the ellipses (three dots) icon to expand the menu.

Step 2. Click on Check for Updates to see if any updates are available and download them.

check for updates on loom

Fix 4. Reinstall Loom Desktop App

If updating did not work, uninstall the Loom and reinstall it. 

👉For Windows:

Step 1. Open Settings.

Step 2. Navigate to Apps > Apps & Features.

Step 3. Find the Loom app and click the Uninstall button.

👉For Mac:

Step 1. Go to Finder > Applications.

Step 2. Select the Loom app and press Command + Delete Keys.

Step 3. Click on the Empty button in the upper-right corner to empty the trash.

Now, again go to the Loom website and download the app for your respective operating systems. Check if the Loom is not working issue resolves.

Fix 5. Update the Graphics Driver 

If there are any issues with your screen or monitor, there are chances that it could be due to outdated or faulty graphic card drivers. Refer to the methods below to update the Graphics cards.

👉For Windows:

Step 1. Click on the Windows key, type Device Manager, and open it.

Step 2. Expand Display adapters, right-click on your graphics card, and click Update.

👉For Mac:

Mac users have to update the entire OS to update the Graphics Driver.

Step 1. Navigate to Apple Menu > System Settings > General > Software Update.

Step 2. Check for updates and download them.

Several Situations of Loom Chrome Extension Not Working

Here are some common Loom Chrome extension not working issues faced by users.

⚠️Loom Video No Sound

You can only discover this after your recording is complete. Sound is very crucial, and not recording the sound will cause the result of screen recording not working on Windows/Mac. The exact is unknown, but mostly due to restrictions or firewall issues as it is a third-party tool.

⚠️The Stop Button Is Not Working

This error is very uncertain and happens once you start your recording. When you try to stop your recording, the stop button does not respond. The reason can be slow processing of your PC or running many background apps which are resource intensive.

⚠️Unable to Connect to the Loom Server

If your web extension is unable to connect to the Loom server, it could be due to internet connectivity. Or, if the issue lies with the Loom server itself, try using the app after some time.

6 Fixes to Loom Chrome Extension Not Working

Here are 6 fixes about how you can solve the problem of the Loom Chrome extension not working.

  1. Fix 1. Check the External Device
  2. Fix 2. Restart PC and Chrome
  3. Fix 3. Reset Loom extension
  4. Fix 4. Clear Chrome Cache
  5. Fix 5. Update or Reinstall Chrome
  6. Fix 6. Check the Network Condition

Fix 1. Check the External Device

As we have discussed for the desktop app, the first thing you need to take care of are the peripherals connected to the device. The monitor, microphone, and connected device, later make sure they are properly synced to work with the Loom chrome extension.

Fix 2. Restart PC and Chrome

Restarting the PC and app can be really helpful, as it fixes minor issues with the software. First, restart Chrome and see if the Loom not working resolves, then restart the PC if the issues persist.

Fix 3. Reset Loom extension

You can try resetting the Google Chrome Loom extension to solve the problem. Remove the Loom extension and reinstall it.

Step 1. Open Chrome.

Step 2. Click on the Extension button, or if you have pinned your extension, click on it.

Step 3. Now, select Remove from Chrome to remove it.

remove and reinstall loom extension

Step 4. Later, go to the Chrome Web Store and reinstall Loom.

Fix 4. Clear Chrome Cache

Most issues like Loom not working on Chrome issues arise due to the large amount of cache or cookies stored on the browser. Follow the steps below to clear Chrome Cache and fix the issue. 

Step 1. Open Google Chrome and click on the three dots beside your profile icon.

Step 2. Hover over More Tools and open the Clear Browsing data tab.

Step 3. Open the Advanced tab, and set the Time Range to All Time. Check the cache you want to remove and click on Clear data.

clear chrome cache

Fix 5. Update or Reinstall Chrome

Make sure your browser is up to date, or try reinstalling Chrome to see if it works.

Step 1. Open your browser and paste Chrome://settings/help in the search bar. Chrome automatically updates to the latest version.

update google chrome

Step 2. Go to the application settings and remove Chrome and reinstall it again.

Fix 6. Check the Network Condition

If you are unable to connect to the server, it's most likely due to a poor internet connection. Check whether you are properly connected to an internet source, and see its speed. If not, get your internet connection right to fix the problem.

Pro Tip: The Best Loom Alternative for PC

If your issue with Loom not working persists or the software keeps troubling you, the solution is to look for the best Loom alternative for your PC. EaseUS RecExperts is the best Loom alternative for both Windows and Mac. 

EaseUS RecExperts, a screen recording software, offers screen recording in multiple modes with webcam overlay and audio recording on Windows/Mac. You can record both system and microphone audio with noise-reduction features. Get your screen recordings in 4K resolution and up to 144fps with multiple file formats to export. The software is simple to use and seamless for all your screen recording needs.

🔥Key Features of EaseUS RecExperts:

  • Schedule screen recording mode
  • Lets you record with 1080p or 4K resolution and supports up to 144fps
  • Provide video trimming on PC
  • The software supports webcam overlay, audio recording, and noise reduction
  • Over 10+ common exporting formats supported

📖Here are the full steps about how you can use EaseUS RecExperts to substitute Loom:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts. Choose a recording mode from "Full Screen" or "Region". To get a better experience, we suggest you choose recording the full screen.

Choose a Recording Mode

Step 2. Mostly, you will need to record the system sound when recording a video. Just click on the speak sign to select it. You can also tick the "Record silently" function, so that the recording process will be muted without muting the recorded video.

Record Silently

Step 3. After these settings, you can press the red "REC" button to start recording. If you want to pause the recording, click on the white "Pause" button; to end the recording, click on the red "Stop" button.

Pause or Stop Recording

Step 4. After recording, the recording list window will open. Here you can view, split, delete, manage your recorded videos.

Recording List Window


For gamers, YouTubers, and content creators using Screen Recorders like Loom, you want it to work seamlessly. But using facing Loom, not working issues might halt your work or make the recording useless. The article tries to provide practical solutions to fix Loom not working on both desktop and Chrome extensions.

If the issue doesn't resolve you or occurs frequently, download the EaseUS RecExperts, the best Loom alternative for both Windows and Mac users. The best screen recording app with excellent features for all your Screen recording needs.

Loom Not Working FAQs

1. Why is Loom not working?

There are various reasons like poor internet connection, microphone issues, software glitches, or Chrome cache for the extension. Make sure you check your internet, microphone, graphics card, and the app to see if the issue resolves.

2. How long does a Loom last?

The length to which Loom can record depends on the Loom subscription. Loom starter users can record 5-minute videos, and the Loom Education plan lets you record for 45 minutes straight. You can record up to 6 hours straight with the Loom Business and Enterprise plans.

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