Top 8 Best Video Conferencing Software for Business

If you are looking to host an online business conference, we have collected some of the best video conferencing software for you. These tools let you hold online meetings no matter where you are in the world.

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Jane Zhou

Updated on Jul 28, 2023

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With nearly all aspects of most businesses moving to the Internet, it is high time to relocate your conferences to the Internet if you have not already done that. To make sure this process's happening, you are going to need some piece of software. Luckily, the market actually has several video conferencing software for all your upcoming meetings. Today we've fumbled out some of the most helpful free video conference software from the market, along with a recording solution and we are willing to present them to you at once.

Top 8 Best Video Conferencing Software for Business

Tons of tools on the Internet can help you do video conferences. However, not all of those programs work as they are expected. Fortunately, we have handpicked some of the best free video conferencing software below for you. You can use these tools for any online meeting.

Top 1. Zoom

If you have ever looked upon the Internet for a video conferencing tool, you will not be strange with Zoom. This conference app has gained huge popularity in the last few months and gathers momentum to rise and beat its competitors. With this tool, you can hold video conferences with many people without much hassle.

Zoom allows you to create scheduled meetings where people would receive a unique link, clicking on which to join the meetings. As a host, you can choose whom to let in your meetings and use the features of a built-in recorder. But if you are not a host, the situation will be much more complicated. Click on this passage to see how to record zoom meeting without permission.

zoom video conferencing software

Top 2. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is another popular app providing service for online video conferencing. If you do not trust other companies for privacy reasons, this Microsoft-produced software may win your trust more easily than the others. Using Teams, you can invite multiple people and hold online meetings with them.

Other features of this tool may surprise you too. You can use it to have live chats as well as audio calls. You can share your screen as well, which makes it more understandable for complex technical conferences in the attendees' state. There are several customization options as well in this app.

microsoft teams online meeting software

Top 3. Skype

Skype is not a new name, and although there are now many other tools for video conferencing, Skype still stands its ground firmly as it has been a trusted and reliable tool for users worldwide. With Skype, you can make individual video calls with someone and initiate video conferences with a crew of people at once.

The great thing about this tool is that it gives you a unique shareable link that anyone can click to attend your conference. People do not even need Skype installed on their computers. By the way, you can blur your backgrounds and perform various other customizations in this tool. Click to see a tutorial for how to record a Skype call.

skype business conference software

Top 4. Cisco WebEx Meetings

If you are not a fan of big brands and desire reliable and fast video conferencing software, Cisco WebEx Meetings is a pretty good option. With features like having HD meetings with up to a thousand people, there is so much you could do with this app, and this should suffice all your demands relating to online meetings.

Some of the features include the ability to share your screen, have a dial-in number to join meetings, one-to-one, and group chats, and get transcripts for your conferences. It integrates with your calendar to ensure you never miss out on any important video conference.

video conferencing tool cisco webex meetings

Top 5. Google Meet

One of the issues that many video conferencing programs share is that they are cluttered with many options. If you do not wish for it, Google Meet is a great option for you. Like other Google products, this tool follows a clean and neat approach to help you hold online video conferences - from the menus to the user inter, and everything manifests to be nice and simple.

With Google Meet, you can easily and quickly launch a new meeting. Then, please share the link or the meeting code with the recipients so that they can join in a couple of clicks. As for settings, you can customize your meetings before and during your meetings.

google meet online meetings tool

Top 6. GoToMeeting

If you want your video conferences simple and easy to join, GoToMeeting serves as a nice solution. This program's core helps you hold meetings that everyone can join either with a single click or with an incoming call. You can actually get the program to call the attendees, so they join your conference automatically.

Your meeting can accommodate up to 250 people at a time. The app allows screen sharing as well as drawing so you can present your complex ideas more intuitively. There is an option for meeting transcriptions as well.

gotomeeting conference software

Top 7. Jitsi Meet

What makes Jitsi Meet stand out from its alternatives has things to do with the premium and free features that it offers for us. With this service, you can hold up a video conference without registering for an account and at the cost of nothing. All you need to do is click on a single button, and an online meeting gets hosted, and you can then invite people to join the conference.

It offers HD audio and video, and you can have up to 50 people in your conference at any given time. If you care for privacy, the service offers end-to-end encryption, ensuring your data only lies with you.

video conferencing software jitsi meet

Top 8. BlueJeans

BlueJeans might not sound like a renowned name, but it has been active for quite some time. This software lets you initiate smart video conferences on your devices, and it also enables you to have video calls in HD quality and Dolby Voice. What's more, it has a tagging feature that lets you tag the important parts of your conference.

A great thing about this service is that you do not need to download or install anything to attend a conference. All you need is a web browser, and you are ready to join any conference that you have been invited to. There is a whiteboard feature that will help you better demonstrate your content. 

I am sure the video conferencing software listed above will definitely meet your demands. These tools will help you hold high-quality online meetings, no matter where you are physically located in the world. As a supplementary yet crucial part of this passage, recording an online meeting shall be the center of the following content.

free video conferencing software bluejeans

Best Video Conference Recording Software on Windows and Mac

Video conferences are great but what is not so good about them is that they will not back up the important details for you in your meeting. If you are a forgetful person or have clumsy handwriting, you may meet some setbacks. An easy and reliable screen recorder for both Windows and Mac way will save you from the dilemma.

EaseUS RecExperts for Windows makes the experience of recording a pleasure for users. You can use it to capture audio and webcam. Meanwhile, it has advanced settings like setting the frame rate of the video. EaseUS RecExperts for Mac also provides the same functions for you. 

Key Features:

  • Capture the screen and audio at the same time
  • Choose the audio source including the internal and microphone sound
  • Export the audio in different formats as you like
  • Work with all of the online meeting applications 

This meeting recorder won't cause any lag or stutter. Hit the button below and onboard right now!


If you are in a business need of good video conferencing software, this post should help you pick one from the best list we have compiled for you. In case you are looking to record your online calls, EaseUS RecExperts is there to help you out with its easy-to-use interface and a set of useful features.

EaseUS RecExperts

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